My 2014 Holiday Gadget Gift Guide is Here and it’s an EPUB



Each year I put together my picks for the best Gadget Gifts to get that special someone on your Holiday Gift List. This year I decided to practice what I’ve been preaching and I’m releasing the guide as a cross platflorm interactive fixed layout EPUB 3.0 document as well as the web version. I built the the guide using Adobe InDesign CC. It’s interactive with videos, links and animation. The EPUB is a free download and while it’s focused on my top picks, you can access the full guide in the App as well (although it’s still being updated).

Yes, It’s Cross Platform!

The best part is that this year’s guide is completely cross platform and works on desktop/notebook computers as well as mobile devices. If you’re on a Mac, iPad or iPhone then you already have what you need to open it. The iBooks App that is native to Mac OS X and iOS works great with EPUB 3.0 documents. If you’re on Windows, Android or another platform you can download an EPUB 3.o reader here.

Download my 2014 Holiday Gadget Gift Guide Here:

93.3MB (give it a minute)

I’ll be releasing the full version of my 2014 Guide on the web next week.

26 Replies to “My 2014 Holiday Gadget Gift Guide is Here and it’s an EPUB”

  1. Great piece. Thanks. FYI … Couple of typos on your write-up on the “RAVPower Luster 6000mAh External Battery Pack” …

    “… “It holds enough juice to charge a smartphone a couple of *ttimes* and with the 2.1A output it can even charge your *table* too”

  2. Hi, Just tried to open the Epub with Adobe Editions 4.0 but stuck halfway……? With iBook works just fine.

  3. doesn’t want to open on my Yosemite machine. Then, several things don’t seem to work on Yosemite.

      1. IBooks was hung, forced a quit and now its working.
        it looks like its part of the bigger problem I have with Yosemite, finder will not work properly, computer won’t power off, can’t empty trash.

          1. Therein lies part of the problem, I was a Windows admin for 15 years and if it was windows there would not be an issue.
            Fairly new to Mac and I guess I will have to do some reading of the next level up user manuals.
            Thank you for responding. And no Roomba for the missus.

  4. Terry, I just tried opening on my iPad with no luck either. Should it just open in iBooks after downloading?

    1. Just tried it now and it worked fine. You still haven’t said what happened on your desktop when you tried to open in iBooks or another ePub reader?

      1. Terry, I just downloaded Adobe Digital Reader and opened with that on my desktop. I guess I didn’t have an E-reader on my desktop. Still don’t know why I couldn’t open on my ipad but now that I have it, its OK. Thanks (as always) for your help and the guide!

  5. Terry, nice! I like the way you played with the animations. You should update the cover, though … still says 2012. (look at it in your iBooks library)

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