So What’d You Get?


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It's that time of year again. My annual "So what'd you get?" I've been reviewing my favorite gadgets, services and photo gear all year long. Now it's your turn! Tell us what you got this holiday season (tech wise) that you're excited about? Use the comments section below. Tell us what it is, why you like it and provide links if you can? Did you get or give anything from my holiday gadget gift guide?


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20 Replies to “So What’d You Get?”

  1. Some cool 58mm macro close-up filters from Tiffen, and a car radio that allows me to hook up my ipod/iphone to listen to music.

  2. I didn’t get any gadgets, got the Steve Jobs autobiography!
    I did get my wife an iPad2….she’s immersed in it so I may not see her for days!!!

  3. My Christmas gifts were very techie, one I had no idea my Mom was getting me and the other I knew about. Firstly I got Adobe Photoshop Elements 10. This looks like it will be a great upgrade. I have to sit with the program and see all it can do but so far I am liking it. The 2nd gift is the Kindle touch and case.
    My Mom got herself one and then she let me use her old kindle keyboard for the past month. In comparing the 2 machines I can see that the Kindle touch is a better machine. It is lighter in weight and the touch screen is very user friendly. If you want to go forward in the book you touch the right side of the screen if you want to go back you touch the left side. Setting up the machine is very easy because there is a screen keyboard that comes up. I would say that if you have ever used iphone, ipod touch or ipad this will be very easy to work with. And likely the question will come up why a kindle if I have an ipad, ipod, iphone etc. The answer is simple there are places the kindle will go that I wont take the ipad to. Also the screen is very much easy on the eyes and the battery charge on the kindles is longer. In looking at the info on the kindle touch you can get 2 months on a charge. We will see on that. So far I am liking my new toy.

  4. I didn’t get my d7000…guess I’ll have to get it the old fashioned way through hard work and earning it!
    The B and H box had other great goodies in it though: Rogue Lg. Flashbender, Rogue 3-in-1 grid and 77mm Neutral Expodisc.
    I also got a really cool Logitech bluetooth speaker from my son who had NO problem telling me what a dent I put in his pocketbook! 🙂
    What did YOU get?

  5. I found Sony NEX-3… and my first impressions are very good. A big sensor gives it an edge over the traditional smaller sensors of the usual compacts. It boasts very useful features like HDR, sweep panorama, and I can attach a normal 52mm Pol filter (thru the adapter, of course). Not very much lenses to choose so far, but the Nikon lens adapter is on the way. I believe this is a system which will be very appreciated in the future.

  6. I got a rechargeable battery pack for my iPhone and iPad. Really no other tech gifts… I think that’s because I buy them all before anyone else can. Last week I updated to a new LOADED Macbook Pro from my year old i5 Macbook Pro, and I grabbed a new iPhone 4s.

  7. A solar charger (soladec) that will keep my iPhone and other USB chargeable devices charger when in the back country

  8. I won a Roku 2 from Roku on twitter. And received a dual band gigibit linksys N router to replace our old linksys G router.

  9. This year I received a Canon 24-70 2.8 and a underwater housing for my Canon s95!! Awesome stuff this year! Hope your Christmas Holidays were filled with fun and pure joy.

    Wishing you well in the New Year,


  10. I gave my 6 year old grandson a Nikon S6200. He is thrilled and has already taken a couple of framable images with it. He is really into photography.

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