Thank You South Africa!

What an amazing week I just had in South Africa! Johannesburg and Cape Town were the last two international stops of our Adobe CS6 and Creative Cloud World Tour and I must say that South Africa pulled out all the stops.

Flying over Johannesburg!

Kicking the week off with a special Nikon V.I.P. event at the Nikon South Africa Headquarters!

The crowds were great in both Johannesburg and Cape Town!

As you can see, they really got into Adobe CS6 🙂

Both cities offered a FULL DAY event and there was very little drop off by the end of the day.

Jason, Paul and I not only enjoyed our time presenting, but it was great to interact with you all live via social media.

Of course free t-shirts are always fun to toss out at random.

I gave my Nikon D4 a work out here in South Africa and this beast really performs.

It’s always great when fans come up and ask us questions.

I must say that Jason was really getting into it. He’s is crowd activated and the South African crowds got him going. The hair came down and the spontaneous singing began. Good thing he’s a musician too 🙂

The Adobe South Africa Team set up the event with multiple displays so that the audience could see the live interactions on social media too.

Here is the Cape Town audience, all 500+ of them!

When someone takes the time to sketch us, we take the time to sign it.

While in Johannesburg we did a Facebook and Twitter “Ask a CS Pro” session answering your questions live.

This guy was an amazing puppeteer. I thought the one in blue was a little kid at first!

See the performance here:

Another packed house in Johannesburg!

On behalf of the Adobe Creative Suite evangelists, we thank you for attending our tour!

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  1. Amazing post, Terry. I’m still smiling ear-to-ear, just remembering these last few days. What a tour this was! Can’t wait to really start going thru all the footage I shot.

  2. Thanks for swinging by in South Africa.

    Was even better seeing you guys live than on the online videos. had a blast in cape town.

    thanks again!

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