It’s the Terry White Drobo Contest!


While I've given away lots of things in the past such as Adobe Software at Adobe sponsored events, this is my first big "Terry White" giveaway! It's the largest prize I've given away on any of my blogs or social media channels. Partnering with Drobo, I'm giving away a 4 Bay Drobo Storage unit. 


How to Enter

It starts by registering for the contest here. If you register you're eligible. That's it!

However,  you can increase your chances of winning by  spreading the word on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Follow me on Twitter and then Tweet about the contest and why you want to win. Include in your tweet "The @TerryLWhite #Drobo Contest" so that your tweets can be tracked. If you're on Facebook then head over to my Facebook Fan Page, Like the page and tell me why you want to win a Drobo. If you're on Google+ add me to your Circles and then mention +TerryWhite in your post about why you want to win a Drobo. 

Not on Twitter, Facebook or Google+? Then post your reasons why you want to win a Drobo in the comments below.


Q. What's a Drobo?

A. See my review here.

Q. Why are you giving away a Drobo?

A. I talk about and promote the products that I actually use. Therefore when Drobo offered me a unit to giveaway, I gladly accepted. 

Q. What do you get out of giving away this Drobo?

A. Drobo pays me $2.95 per entry

Q. Really?

A. NO, they aren't paying me a dime nor have they ever paid me anything. Not even advertising on my blog (Drobo are you listening? Hello! Just kidding 🙂 ) Like many companies though, they do send me review units.

Q. Is this a US based contest only?

A. Nope, I realize that I have a worldwide audience and it's open to everyone.

Q. Does the Drobo you're giving away come with the drives?

A. Nope

Q. Why not?

A. Because they didn't give me any drives to giveaway.

Q. That sucks!

A. Not really a question, but if you feel that way then don't enter. Have a nice day.

Q. How long does the contest run?

A. You can enter between now and Friday, 2PM ET (GMT-4)

Q. When will we know who won?

A. Hopefully it will be my Monday post next week. So a week from today?

Q. How will the winner receive his/her Drobo unit?

A. It will ship directly from Drobo once the winner has been drawn. 

Q. How can I learn about this Drobo you speak of or other Drobo products?

A. Head over to the Drobo website.

Q. Are there any other rules or restrictions?

A. Yes, please no whining. Please don't tell me about how you wish it was something else or run differently or whatever. Just don't enter.


True Drobo Story

I thought I'd share a true story about a recent experience that I had with one my Drobo units. I have three Drobos in my house. One is connected to a Mac mini, which serves as my file server. The second one is connected to an iMac, which serves as my iTunes/Media Server and the third one is a Drobo FS, which serves as a network Time Machine backup. When I got the Drobo FS I installed 4 brand new drives in it. The 5th drive was a 1.5 TB drive that I had lying around from a previous upgrade. Figured since Drobos can have drives of mixed capacities I'd put it to use. After a couple of weeks I got an email. Not from Drobo the company, but from my actual Drobo hardware. Yes, the Drobo can actually email you in the event that something is wrong. The email was a warning that one of my drives was failing. Sure enough it was the old 1.5TB drive. My data was being protected by the other 4 drives and I ordered a new 2TB replacement. I replaced the faulty 1.5TB with the new one and kept right on working the whole time. This was the first time that I got the chance to see a Drobo actually do what it was advertised to do. It protected my data against drive failure with ZERO DOWNTIME! Backups are still important, but it's this added peace of mind that makes me love my Drobos even more!


One more thing…

If there are a ton of entries I'll give away a second Drobo!


Good luck and I'm looking forward to picking a winner!

86 Replies to “It’s the Terry White Drobo Contest!”

  1. Wow, what an awesome piece of equipment! And such a necessary one too! I do wedding video production in South Africa and backup insurance is something that is commonly overlooked until it is too late! You just can’t afford to NOT get one of these!

    Great review @terrylwhite.

  2. I’ve been looking for some good photo backup storage for a while now, and Drobo has been at the front of my mind, I just haven’t pulled together the extra cash to get one. This would be an awesome prize to get!

  3. I saw Cali Lewis review the Drobo ages ago and could immediately see why this would be a great back-up solution for my home. I use inexpensive 500GB drives, and try to remember to sync and rotate them! In spite of my best efforts, I usually only have 2 copies (which is not enough)! Worse, that’s only for 1PC; there’s no organized back up the other 4 family computers!

    Not really a good way to treat the family photographs is it? Yes, I could definitely put a Drobo (probably more than one) to good use.

    Thanks for the contest Terry – someone’s going to be a very happy winner.

  4. Great contest Terry. Well I currently use a couple of usb drives to b/u my photos. Getting to be a real pain to manage manually. An automated DROBO system seems to me to be the best solution going forward.

  5. oh ow i want one!!
    I entered,
    I have been overlooking a backup solution for far too long (as the first comenter said, and I had decided on drobo a while back. too pricey for me though, free sounds about right 😉

  6. Terry love your blog. I have liked the idea of the Drobo as a backup for a while now. My photography collection keeps getting bigger. Its just coming up with the money for one of these machines. They are a reasonable cost compared to the value of not loosing your stuff. Thanks for giving this away someone will be very happy.

  7. Terry

    I love the Drobo-S I have, but really want/need one for my school work (HS science teacher) as we produce a lot of video and photos during class.

    My experience with Drobo Tech Support has been amazing – I had a unit that went down and they replaced it with no hassles – great tech people, very knowledgeable and very patient with making sure I was happy with the return & replacement policy.

    -frank t

  8. I’ve had this unit since I first learned about the v1 4-bay USB model. I JUST, like within the last week, bought the 4-bay Firewire version. This was the singlemost best purchase I’ve ever made. I used spare external drives, networked drives, etc. but the one thing I didn’t have was the RAID solution, and for me, that was the biggest reason for going to the Drobo. Unattended RAID solution that takes care of itself… it’s a no-brainer.

    If you don’t get thee chance to WIN one of these awesome units – go over to B&H (thru your NAPP membership link so you get the free shipping) – and pick up one of these NOW, after the rebate it’s only $239. YOU JUST CAN’T GET BETTER THAN THAT!

    Pick up a couple inexpensive drives on TigerDirect, and for under $500 you can have the peace of mind that only a Drobo can bring.

    Thank you for your time and, I hope I win (the next one will be for my Time Machine backup).


  9. Terry,

    I have been overlooking a backup solution for far too long I looked into a drobo system a while back. A little to for my budget right now, not that I cant rule it out in the future. Still putting my money into my lense collection. My old standby is im still backing up stuff on DVDR’s.

    Glenn N

  10. I love the Kelby-Answer-your-own-questions-schtick!

    This is a great contest…I hope I win. I need better security for my 45,000+ images

  11. I just filled up my external drive and I need some extra storage! Drobo is exactly what I need.:)

  12. Current backup solution is to copy files to an external drive right now. The RAID solution presented by the drobo is very enticing.

  13. This is something I have been thinking of for quite some time now. My current backup solution is 4 1 & 2 TB USB drives plugged into a USB hub and then plugged into the iMac & set up as a software RAID which works but makes me & my drives & me pretty sad.

  14. My back-up needs have exploded lately. I am trying to do it the old fashioned way between two separate drives. It is seriously a pain to do! Would love the chance to win a Drobo. Fell in love with them several years ago but always out of my price range.


  15. I need one to keep up with the huge file sizes that these cameras are pumping out. Like you said, there is no such thing as too much storage.

  16. Oh I need one of these! Now that I am taking pictures so much, storage is crucial and it’s amazing how quickly you can fill up a 1TB drive.

  17. Thanks Terry! The timing for your contest couldn’t be more perfect for me, as I just started researching large storage solutions for my photography. Cheers!

  18. Hey Terry,

    Iam a freelancer wedding photographer, but kinda new one. This is my 2nd year in the business, and seems like it starting to work 🙂 But that means tonns of raw files and i have space for them right now, but a DROBO solution would be perfect. Unfortunately its not on sale in Hungary, and iam a bit afraid to buy expensive things from another country but to win one sounds really good 😀

    Keep up the good work, i really like your reviews!

  19. Drobo is awesome! I love that we don’t have to worry about losing our files We have one that is filling up quickly. It won’t be long before we need another one. Thanks Terry & Drobo for this great giveaway!

  20. Hi Terry,

    First of great contest. Really grateful, ’cause it’s international!
    I’ve got no hard drive space left on my old imac. what other solutions are left, besides a drobo I ask you?

  21. Thanks very much for offering this contest, Terry. I own a couple of Drobos already, and I can’t say enough praise about the units and the tech support from Drobo. Great product and a great company as well. And their Drobo Copy software makes it so easy to backup. I wouldn’t be without them. Period. And no, I don’t work for Drobo!

  22. Thanks for holding this contest. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Drobo’s. It would definitely help improve my backup capability

  23. I’m a professional photographer and over the years I have had some really bad disasters with with all sorts of data storage units, My first big disaster came 3 years ago with the Lacie big boy drive, with the dreaded click of death, this resulted in weeks of pain staking recovery on a bit by bit basis day after day. I then moved to Seagate and all seemed well for six months only to wake up one morning and find that the drive had disappeared from my desktop. After much augment with seagate I found out that that drive model was shipped with a firmware problem and they asked me to send it back to them to renew the firmware well that worked but ever since then I have not used Seagate drives.
    My next move was to buy two western digital Mirror drives and with this I started to get my life back and able to spend some time with my two young children and my wife and all was happy in the Gregory house hold until the fatal day of Aug the 1st 2011 ___ As I started work I noticed that I could not log into one of my network mirror drives — my heart started to pound as I tried to connect with no hope, I battled through the day and through the night trying everything with the unseen enemy until my eyes could not stay open. The next day I phoned the western digital helpline and the stock answer was “no problem Sir, your drive is under warranty, send it back to us and we will replace it”.
    ‘’ But what about my DATA ? I NEED TO GET THAT BACK” I said as the fear ran down my back making me weak at the knee”.
    “OK sir”, he said, “I will see if i can pass you on to our level two support”.
    Well they did all they could by remotely controlling my Mac every day for a week but could not get the drive to mount. In the end it had to be sent to WD Data recovery department and I’m still waiting. The positive thing is that the support that I have received from WD has been fantastic but as yet I still do not have my files back, but I do feel confident that they are doing all in their power to rectify the situation and for this reason i would feel safe using WD drives again. The problem with a mirror drive is that it does mirror everything including corruption hence giving you a non mountable drive like mine.
    Since then i have researched and found out about DROBO. Now this seem like a very real solution to preventing this happening again in the future, the data is spread over all of the disks and the robotic side manages the data!!!! this I need. I believe that owning one of these fantastic robots would again give me the opportunity enjoy my work and life without the constant fear of loss of data. I would be very grateful to be considered to win your Drobo and regain some sleep and peace of mind.
    PS I would be happy to pay any delivery charges.
    Eddy Gregory

  24. I have always wanted a Drobo, I just can’t afford one right now. I really need to kick start backing up my photos. I have tons of CD/DVD spindles all over my office and under my desk. I can’t find anything! This would be great to catalog it in LR and know it is all safe in the Drobo. Then in an emergency, I grab the Drobo and RUN! Thanks for the chance to win.

  25. Thanks Terry for the awesome giveaway. I’m the guy always preaching to others to backup their stuff and designing solutions for them while neglecting my own stuff. The DROBO seems like a perfect solution for my needs and would absolutely love to win one. In fact, I’ve never won anything. Some one here will be extremely happy and grateful for your generosity. With my schedule, I haven’t gotten into social networking yet, so I thought I’d just comment here since I’m not on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to reading more reviews & tips.

  26. Judging from your review, Drobo looks like the best compact storage backup solution available. Now who wouldn’t want to win one of these? 🙂

  27. Nice contest. I have been looking for some sort of backup lately and this contest just come in nicely…just hope I have the chance…

  28. Hi Terry,

    I shoot a lot of seniors and fitness lifestyle and a drobo has been on my wish list foe sometime. Currently I backup to a mix bunch of mostly WD myBooks which are okay but not redundant like a drobo. It would be nice to sleep better at night knowing that my data has the best protection available.

    BTW Terry, do you think I could scavenge all those WD myBook drives and load them into my drobo?

    Thanks for putting this contest on!


  29. I would love to have one of these. Like the others I have tens of thousand of images on mixed drives and they all need backing up. A disater waiting to happen.

  30. I recently came across this product searching the net for drives after having a failure on my iMac and time machine fault at the same time ! Was very lucky to get my data off the drive before complete failure in secure mode. Don’t want that stress ever again. Drobo looks great and has to be the best option out there, I need to win it because I can’t afford to buy it 🙁 here hoping for a lucky day,

  31. Would love to win the drobo. Just so tired of plugging in so many different external HDs to back up things. Thanks for the contest.

  32. I want a Drobo because I am always buying external hard drives because I am running out of space. With a Drobo I could expand in the future all in one enclosure.

  33. Thanks Terry for sharing. I have multiple drives and will gladly have the Drobo to arrange and optimise my backups. And thanks Drobo, I will spread my review if I ever get a chance to use them.

  34. I really NEED to win this – no long explanation needed. I recently lost ALL my WIFE’S photographs. (I would preferred that I had lost mine.)

  35. As others have mentioned, I have gone far too long without a proper back-up solution. Thanks for illuminating the possibilities with the Drobo system, I’m looking forward to winning the prize.

  36. Terry,

    I would love to win a Drobo 4 bay to go with my existing 4 bay and here’s why… I have three 2TB drives in my existing Drobo and my lights turned from green to yellow and I (like you) received an email from my Drobo. I’m thinking “how cool is this”? So I’m out and I’m going to pick up another 2TB drive and low and behold they have 3TB drives. It seems that I spend so much time shooting and working in PhotoShop that somehow the fact that 3TB drives exist slipped by me ;o) I spent the rest of the day plugging the drive in and out of my Drobo changing the order (as if that would help) and pulling most of my hair out trying to figure out why my “NEW” 3TB drive would not work. My Drobo sent me a new email telling me that I had a faulty drive (again I’m thinking “how cool is that”). The only problem is the drive is not faulty it’s that every Drobo on earth can accept 3TB drive… wait for it – EXCEPT the 4 Bay unit! Drobo has not gotten around to providing a firmware update for the lowly 4 bay unit! And no one can (or will) tell me when it will be available ;o(

    So Terry my friend, I now need to go buy another 2TB drive or risk losing my data – BUT if I had a Free Drobo I would not have a problem waiting on the Firmware upgrade so that I could do something with the 3TB “Paperweight” setting on my desk.

  37. I have been frothing at the mouth for a system like the Drobo since Scott Kelby started writing about them. Now that you give the Drobos your seal of approval too, that’s more than enough reason for me to believe that they are as good as they claim to be.

    My problem is shelling out that kind of money. Every time I have the money to purchase something like the Drobo, something else comes up …like “daddy, can I go on this school trip, it only costs $$$$$$” 🙂

  38. Not only does the Drobo sound like a very much needed item for anyone who needs to back up systems, it’s a great looking item that won’t make the top of your desk look ghetto.

  39. I finally met up with the Drobo rep at PSW Vegas and had them explain the whole setup to me. WOW! This would be great for archiving all my personal photos as well as my work photos. You can never have too much backup. And to be able to expand is the icing on the cake.

  40. Theory says that if the usage content in your HD exceeds 80% of your total storage capacity, your drive’s performance starts to diminish. I only capture RAW and author HD content, hence, a Drobo unit such as this one would truly be a dandy.

  41. Terry,
    Thanks for all the good advice and tips. I enjoy reading your reviews and blog. I’d love to win a Drobo! I have been wanting and needing a good backup solution for a few years now, but just don’t have the extra cash for a unit like the Drobo. I have a small business that I do Graphic Design and Photography and I have had several scares and even one bad loss about a year ago. I have a hard time being good about backing up files and the Drobo would definitely fit the bill for that.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  42. I have a DROBO now that I am using as the backup for my MAC Pro computer. But my digital imaging files are getting to large for my in computer storage so I am going to get a second DROBO just to store my imaging files. I already have been buying the Seagate 2TB drives when they come on sale and soon will be getting the DROBO.

  43. Hey Terry….
    I couldn’t wait to win the Drobo…. So I just ordered one…..
    A few questions about Drobo…
    1. Can I take the bare drive out of a Lacie enclosure and insert it into Drobo
    2. If a drive already has data on it… what happens when you insert it into Drobo? Do I loose Data, have to reformat, etc.
    3. As I’m using an Imac which is short of ports….. Can I chain drives to Drobo?



    1. 1. Yes you can stick a bare drive in a Drobo.
      2. If you stick a drive in a Drobo it will be reformatted and you will lose what was on it.
      3. Yes, you can daisy chain. I do it now.

  44. Oh boy – I been wanting one of these for a looooong time for ever increasing in size photo archives! My fingers are crossed. 🙂

  45. Hey Terry,
    Awesome givaway. I’ve been wanting one (well 2) of these for a while now. I need a better storage solution for my images as well as my CrashPlan backups. Right now I’m using the internal drive in the iMac and and external drive as my only 2 copies of all of my images. The sad part is they’re at the same location. 1 fire or theft and I’m lost. My plan is to have one at the office and one at home and keep them synced.

    Thanks for a chance to win such an awesome device.

  46. Wow that’s awesome that someone is gonna walk away with a Drobo!
    At the moment I have 2 external 1TB hard drives for backup as well as HD for Time machine and another HD for offsite storage. I’ve been looking for some additional photo backup storage with minimal cables, connections to my iMac. I’ve looked at Drobo and it’s on my mind but quite pricey at the moment hence I can’t pull the trigger. Drobo would look great in my office and I would be very grateful Terry if I won. Thanks and good luck to everyone!

  47. I have purchased 2 of these units for various needs here and all I can say is I WOULD BUY MORE. They are IT for ease of protection.

  48. Mr. White,

    You’re a generous man! I missed out on PSW Vegas, but am making plans now for PSW DC ’12. It would be wonderful to meet you as I’ve followed your blog and activity with NAPP for a very long time now. I have a drobo I have setup where I work for the company backup. However, I’m still using an old set of 750gb WD My Books and DVD for archiving my shoots, it’s a pain – but not being a “pro” (yet) I can manage this (*cough*) workflow.

    Thanks for all you do here, love all things techie!

    (You a sterophile by any chance?)



  49. good day terry, Thanks for the opportunity. I would like to win a drobo because i have an old Buffalo nas station that wont see past 500 gig, i have 1322 Movies, 32 movies of my kids and family, and about 17000 photos. I need the beyond raid technology, and i understand the Value of protecting my/your data. Thanks all good luck

  50. Hey !
    I’m a graphic artist, who just began her path. It would be a really big help to have a drobo.

    thank you anyway for the contest 🙂


  51. Hi Terry,

    As a recent entry to the blogging world- I am taking a lot of photos. My laptop recently started acting up- it’s over 4 years old and regularly shuts down of its own accord. I always backed stuff up- but my hard-drive broke there some time ago- so now all my photos, music and college files are unsecured. I would really love a chance to win this Drobo- It would be a real lifesaver!

    Thanks for all your techno help and reviews!


    P.S. Greetings from Ireland!

  52. I so need to consolidate all my external storage media into one place, this could do it “The @TerryLWhite #Drobo Contest”

  53. I would LOVE to win this DROBO, because I really need it, and can’t quite afford to buy it. I am an amateur photographer who is working hard to improve my skills, and has lots of photos.

  54. This is a great opportunity and your fans and followers appreciate your doing the contest. I try to maintain my back up system but it uses multiple external drives and is a really inconvenient pain to do. Having a Drobo would simplify it and also automate backup so I would have less chance of losing my files and images. Thanks for the chance to win, Terry.

  55. I do multi-media work for non-profit organizations and others,I don’t have the funds to get a backup and right now my laptop is all I have to work on and I desperately need to free up and back up files off here, So to get a Drobo would be amazzing!

  56. Hi Terry,
    i’ve got a drobo and i use it for my photos! I like it, very simple and it’s a good product!!
    I want to have a second one !!!
    Hope to win the contest!!! 🙂

  57. Hi Terry
    I NEED to win this… I have an iTunes library that’s huge and is on an old NAS that is configured as JBOD to maximise the storage. I have been looking at a Drobo but haven’t had the cash… Winning this would be really nice.

  58. Hi Terry,

    I’ve just left my permanent IT job and stated a long journey inside photography. I reckon I’m going to need a safe, easy and reliable solution for storing my images and backups.
    Drobo would perfectly suit my needs with this respect.

    Thank you

  59. Hi Terry, I’m a big fan of your youtube channel. Your photoshop tutorials are awesome.
    I’d like to win a drobo because my windows home server is slow and barely usable. I need something that I know will protect my files and be fast enough to use a scratch disk for photoshop and premiere.


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