My shoot with Don Pham of DP Slider fame


Every now and then I get a break from the beauty and fashion photography that I do as a hobby and I get to do a product shoot. This time it was for my buddy Don Pham. Don has an invention that is a must have for video shooters. It's called the DP Slider. The DP Slider is a glide track for your video camera or DSLR to allow you to record sweeping shots that as smooth as butter. While Don wasn't the first one out of the gate to invent one of these, his is by far the smoothest in operation and most flexible from all the ones I've seen.

Don is an engineer by trade and he spent a great deal of time perfecting his DP Slider. One thing that makes Don different from most engineers that are tasked to create a product is that Don is also a videographer. This means that he knows what the product needs and what it doesn't.

Also Don didn't rest on his laurels with the first one out of the gate. He has come up with new models (the Prime & Mantis) and refined his original concept to make it even better.

Check out the Video that Don shot during our photo shoot:


Prime & Mantis promo for EDU from Don Pham on Vimeo.


Now see a video shot using the DP Slider:


DP Slider from Don Pham on Vimeo.


Get more information, see more pictures and more videos about Don's invention here.

In case you were wondering, yes this entire shoot was lit with Westcott Spiderlite TD6's.

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  1. I like your definition of “product shoot.” That’s the straight black thingy, right?

    1. It’s a product isn’t it 🙂 Most of the time my product shoots don’t involve models, but sometimes they do… Usually my product shoots are towels or jewelry… Boring, but it pays the bills…

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