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The concept of a custom "newspaper" has been tossed around for years. However, not many sites really deliver on this promise in a visually compelling or easy to use way. Most frequent blog site and news site visitors rely on their favorite RSS Reader Applications and Sites to see the daily headlines of their favorite sites. There's also Read It Later and sites like it that allow you to take the web pages you want with you and read them later offline. may be the one stop news site you've been looking for does two things for me. Like a newspaper or magazine It allows me to see stories about the topics I'm interested in. Secondly, it allows me to create my own MyAlltop page with just the sites that I want to keep track on. When I featured Scott Kelby in my weekly Tech Profile post, he reminded me that Alltop can be very useful to see all the news you want in one place. This also means that you can discover new sites by checking out the MyAlltop pages of your friends or people you admire. Check out MyAlltop choices here. Then create your own!

2 Replies to “See all of your Favorite Sites in One Spot”

  1. Alltop seems cute, but you can do the same thing with RSS readers (such as Google Reader) that then can be used with NetNewsWire (on the iPhone) and Instapaper (to save articles to read later)…

  2. Alright, between you and Scott I finally decided to give this site a try! I have to admit that I really like the idea of not having to click through and wait for the 30 or 40 sites that I routinely visit every morning. So I signed up. After about 30 minutes of messing around trying to add my sites I came to the conclusion that you can not just drag your bookmarked sites on to your Alltop page. If you can please tell me how! As it stands this site is a nice idea but utterly useless if I can not do what I think should be a basic function. I don’t think I want to spend the next few hours trying to “find” my sites in their database. Oh well, maybe they can fix this.

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