2 Replies to “Photoshop Next: Sneak Peek #5”

  1. Shouldn’t the most recent JDI be JUI for Just Undo It as far as restoring Contact Sheet goes? Sounds like Adobe realized their mistake via suggestions by disgruntled users. Glad to have functionality restored but it shouldn’t be marketed as a new ‘feature’ when it used to be part of the plan.

    Adobe listened on the upgrade path and gave us more time. I like that. I am glad Adobe listened and restored Contact Sheet. I really don’t like the idea of paying in perpetuity for a subscription model as they plan. That will be the separation of my wallet from Adobe when that it implemented. Time for some good old American ingenuity and competition. I have been a customer since 2.5 so I have been long and loyal, but paying every month is nuts. Thanks for listening, hope you get the message.

  2. I have enjoyed and valued your podcasts on Adobe Photoshop and Premiere. You have taught me a lot and improved my expertise. Hope you enjoy working with your new Nikon. Regards Bill Palmer. Sydney Australia

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