NewerTech 3 in 1 Audio/Sync/Charging Cable + PowerJolt


A couple of weeks back I did a 3 part series on Travel Tips including some of my favorite gear to travel with. Of course I’m always on the look out for ways to travel with less and travel smarter. One of the tips involved traveling with both a car charger for your phone and an audio cable to take advantage of your rental car’s Audio In port. Now instead of carrying two different cables I’ve been able to consolidate down to one.

NewerTech 3 in 1 Audio/Sync/Charging Cable

The NewerTech 3 in 1 cable combines both a USB iPhone/iPod sync cable with a standard 3mm Audio Cable. So with this one cable you can charge your iPhone and have line out from the dock connector to your stereo.


There is one problem though. This cable is really designed to be used with your USB AC charger in your home/office or the USB port on your Mac or PC. For me this cable is far more useful for travel and in a car. So I had to add one more piece and that’s Griffin Technologies PowerJolt. The PowerJolt Dual is a standard cigarette lighter adapter on one end and two USB sockets on the other. You can use any standard USB charging cable in it including the NewerTech 3 in 1. It would be ideal if NewerTech sold this cable with a car charger, however with the PowerJolt I get everything and can charge two devices at once. 


The Bottom Line

If you want iPhone/iPod power on the go AND audio out, this NewerTech cable is a great solution!

You can get the NewerTech cable here for $14.99 in Black or White.

UPDATE: NewerTech also offers the car charger too for $15.99 in Black or White.

You can get the PowerJolt Dual for $18.24. Or the regular PowerJolt which only has one USB port, but includes a sync cable for $14.99.

6 Replies to “NewerTech 3 in 1 Audio/Sync/Charging Cable + PowerJolt”

  1. Bob,
    look at the sellers on the right side of the page. You can usually find a wide range of prices on Amazon for the same item depending on who’s selling it. Unfortunately Amazon’s prices can fluctuate multiple times per day. So the price I quoted was the price they were selling it for at the time I wrote this.

  2. Terry,
    Other cable issue, but not for travel. How do you handle cable management in your work room/office? Appreciate if you can share in one of your future blogs some tips/suggestions? Also how do you deal powering all the usb devices? I have a 7-port hub apart from what is already on the mac and display, but am always short on ports. I know that wireless already reduced amount of cabling, but it is still pretty messy……
    Cheers, Ruben.

  3. Thanks Terry! I have been needing to make this upgrade since moving over to the 3GS. Apparently the charging circuitry has changed and my old charger won’t charge my new phone!

  4. Does the “This accssory is not made to work with iPhone – Do you want to turn on Airplane Mode…” message pop up using this combination?

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