Netflix vs. Hulu Plus: If you could only have one?


I’ve been a Netflix subscriber for years and I have also tried a trial subscription to Hulu Plus. The thing that turned me off of Hulu (and still does) is that you pay the monthly fee ($7.99) and yet they still play ads. Also not to mention that during my trial period all the ads were bought out by the presidential candidates of 2012. I just couldn’t take any more. Three years later I’m willing to try Hulu Plus again, but is it worth it? I’d gladly pay more per month to eliminate the ads. Many of you have Hulu, Netflix or both. Tell me why?

What if you could only have one. Which would it be Netflix or Hulu Plus? Also now that HBO Now is coming soon, would you pick HBO over Netflix or Hulu?

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7 Replies to “Netflix vs. Hulu Plus: If you could only have one?”

  1. Ads are a deal-breaker for me so no on Hulu. These days I rely on Netflix and Amazon Prime. A while ago when my DVD player broke I switched to streaming-only on Netflix. I lost access access to a lot of movies that way but I replaced that access with Amazon Prime which I already had. Now, I have to pay for each movie but that’s OK because my Netflix bill went way down. Between Netflix and Amazon Prime I have access to almost everything I want to see.

  2. I have Hulu Plus because I don’t have cable and prefer tv shows to movies. Hulu has the shows I watch by the next morning, and the ads don’t bother me. (If the broadcast shows you like are on CBS, you won’t see them next day or maybe ever). With Amazon Prime and a British soap opera subscription, it’s enough screen time. Either way, you won’t get live sports or news, so hold onto cable if that’s important.

    1. Abby – I go to the next day and watch then. They keep about 3-4 episodes available for free (with ads). It’s the only way I can keep up with NCIS (original & NO) and Elementary.

  3. I have both. I have noticed that I am streaming more and more on Netflix account then my DVD queue. My reason for having Hulu is I do not have cable and $7.99 is a whole lot cheaper than a $100 cable bill, plus no DVR to fill and can watch when I am able.

  4. Anyone who is a content creator should have a little more tolerance for ads on Hulu … without this revenue, there would not be the content which we crave. If you believe $7.99 per month is enough to support the cause on it’s own … you haven’t looked at what it actually costs to produce, curate and deliver high quality content. When we reduce the earning power of content creators, the resulting product will suffer.

    I have both, while I don’t appreciate some of the ads on Hulu Plus, I know without them, I likely wouldn’t have the same availability, quality and the high level of delivery of first-run content.

    Conversely, while Netflix does offer content without additional advertising, the vast majority of that content is at least one season back and is a secondary revenue source for content creators.

    Neither option is perfect. Fortunately, for cord cutters, paying under $20 per month for both sure beats cable or dish fees. Even id they have to suffer a few ads along the way.

  5. We are cord cutters for almost a year now. We use Hulu Plus, Netflix and Amazon Prime. Prime gets the least amount of use. Our preference is for commercial free Netflix. Also they generally have the best streaming reliability over the others, the best UI in terms of usability. Nothing bugs me more than to inundated with ads. I tolerate Hulu most of the time, because the ads usually are brief compared to traditional ads, but I really hate seeing the same ad 4 or five times during one show.

    Prime annoys me because you HAVE to be on WIFI to use. All of them annoy me because when I leave the country, I cannot watch any of them.

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