My favorite USB Flash Drive is back and better!


Just about everyone in the computer field carries around some sort of USB thumb drive. They’re great for transferring files back and forth and sometimes more convenient or faster than setting up a network share or emailing attachments. Before getting my USBCard a few years back, I used to always run into a situation where I needed a USB thumb drive, but wouldn’t have one handy. It would be on my key chain and my keys wouldn’t be nearby. I’d have one in my computer bag, which would just so happen to be back in my hotel room. The one thing I almost always have with me is my wallet! So when I ran across the USBCard by I knew that this was the one for me. I’ve had it in my wallet ever since.


People are always amazed when I pull it out of my wallet


Whenever I go to use my USBCard people are always amazed by the size of it. I end up doing a 2 minute demo/show and tell every time. Of course being a gadget guy I’d want to recommend this solution to everyone that was interested. However, the problem was that they were out of stock for months. Well the good news is that not only are they back in stock, they also come in larger capacities. I have the 2GB model. Now they come in 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and 8GB models. They also now come in both Black and White. As you might have guessed, I’ve already ordered the 8GB model to replace my 2GB model (you can never have too much space). There is no telling how long these will be in stock this time around. So if you’re interested, I’d suggest ordering one today.


The USBCard starts at $16.90 for the 1GB card. The 2GB card is $22.50, the 4GB card is $29.00 and the 8GB card is $45.00.

Order them here.

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    1. Brian, My “Order them here” link should have taken you specifically to their US site. However, if you go to their main site at you can specify US.

    1. Warren,
      I live in the USA and have these the shipped here all the time. My link at the bottom of the post takes you directly to their US pricing and shipping! I just placed an order before writing this post and had no problem choosing “United States” for shipping. Please make sure that you are clicking the appropriate link.

  1. I also tried your “Order from here” link and did not see the US as an option for shipping. I also did not see the prices in US $. I searched for their US site and it pointed me to retailers such as newegg but they don’t have these drives in stock ๐Ÿ™

  2. Jay, Warren, etc.,
    I just tired it again:
    1) I clicked the Order from here link above.
    2) that took me to the page of drives. (8GB now out of stock). I chose the 4GB model (note the US flag in the upper left corner of the page).
    3) I clicked Next and chose the “I’m a New customer” option
    4) entered my address and choose “United States” from the Country option! Here’s the screen shot:
    5) continued on with the order…

  3. Thanks a lot, Terry1 I hadn’t noticed the flag before. It had defaulted me to the US site but I could choose US from there and it showed the prices in US $ from there. Unfortunately, I ended up not ordering the drive since their shipping awfully expensive considering the weight and the price of the drive itself. I hope someone else offers it with a reasonable shipping cost.

  4. It worked for Terry because he had already been to the site and it was probably cached. I clicked the link, and it brought up the Euro price page. I navigated to the US price page, then closed the window. I then clicked the link above again and this time was presented the US price page.

  5. WHITE is available in the 8GB, best to Google “Freecom USA” as JSmith stated earlier. Ordered mine and all is well ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I used to have one of these USBCards also. But as the USB connector is relatively small compared to the rest of the ‘housing’, it was quite fragile, and after one year of use the USB connecter cracked – leaving all my data on the card out of reach. Dang! I have not dared to buy a replacement card ever since. But if they come up with a version with a sturdier connecter, e.g. some metal perhaps, I would be interested. The credit card form factor is VERY convenient.

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