I made it onto the Westcott Rapid Box Box!


F.J. Westcott liked the images from my recent shoot at Red Rock Canyon so much that they inquired about using them on the Westcott Rapid Box 26″ Octa packaging. I was thrilled to work it out with them and once again honored to have my work in print with brands that I admire. PocketWizard was also happy with the results and mentioned them in their “Making Waves” blog post here.

See my Westcott Travel Portrait Lighting Kit here.

See more of my photography here.


2 Replies to “I made it onto the Westcott Rapid Box Box!”

  1. That’s great, Terry! Congratulations! It must be so cool to have your photos on a trustworthy product’s packaging.

    I have a question: I do a lot of full length portraits of high school students and athletes using a Quantum Instruments Trio on a lightstand instead of my Nikon SB-900. (The latter just overheats with the high volume of subjects I shoot during a session.) Currently, I sometimes use my Westcott 7′ Parabolic Umbrella or my Photoflex 60″ shoot-through umbrella or my Westcott 39″ shoot-through umbrella. Can you tell me if the Rapid Box would give me better quality of light than what I am using with my Trio (assuming that it would fit in the Westcott Rapid Box)? Thanks!

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