3 Replies to “LEAP Motion Promises Minority Report Style Computer Interaction”

  1. Yeah, and I reach out to straighten up something on my desk and a document I’ve been working on for an hour closes without saving. No thanks! I like more tactile feedback than you get waving around in the air. And as Steve Jobs noted about the touch interface on a desktop, holding your arms up in the air like that quickly gets tiring.

    What looks cool in movies often isn’t that cool in real life, particularly those absurd clear screens in Minority Report. Heads Up displays like that only make sense if you absolutely have to see what is ahead.

  2. I’m not sure of the practical situations I’d use this. However, it looks SO COOL! I am definitely intrigued! Cannot wait to see where this technology goes!

  3. Terry this is actually being used today. I saw something like this on a table which looks just like the one that is seen on TV in the show Hawaii Five-0. I was also told that the government has something like the minority report wall being used by the defense department and homeland security… Pretty cool but this has been around in the military and other government applications that have been kept secret from the public for years, just like the satellite phone and communications that are used today. Eventually all this technology is brought to the masses or private sector after it’s uses are obsolete for the government and they have better technology which will see 20 years from now….

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