Lastolite UpLite Review

Last month I did a review of the Lastolite Kickerlite Softbox. It’s a great light modifier and I’m using it more and more. However, there are times where you may not have an extra stobe/speedlight to use in it. So you might be interested in the Lastolite UpLite as an alternative. They look very similar and the setup is almost the same. The big difference between them is one is a reflector and the other is actually a light (well a softbox with a light in it). 




What is an UpLite?

The UpLite is ideal for photographers who work alone and need to support a reflector at an angle on the floor to bounce light up into the subject. There are two versions available:


UpLite ‘cool tone’ – sunlite/softsilver and silver/white reflective surfaces (the one I used).

UpLite ‘warm tone’ – gold/white and sunfire/silver reflective surfaces


The UpLite features two 120cm x 90cm (4′ x 3′) double sided reflectors which attach together to form a hinge on one side and on the opposite side an adjustable support bracket attaches to create a ‘wedge’ shape. The bracket can be used to adjust the reflector angle from 30 degrees to 80 degrees. A waterproof shower cap is also supplied to protect the reflective surface touching the floor when the UpLite is used outdoors. Waterproof sprung steel also ensures a durable product whatever the conditions. The two reflectors detatch from each other to be used as individual hand held panels.





Does it really make a difference?

I would say YES! While it may be hard to tell if your UpLite or any reflector for that matter is making a difference. You can usually tell when you take a shot with it  and then with out it! The shot on the left below is without the UpLite. The shot on the right is with it!



Model Jessica. Makeup by Renata.





The Bottom Line

While I still prefer the Kickerlite Softbox, the UpLite is definitely a welcomed addition to my lighting bag of tricks. It’s great in a one light setup where you need a little more punch on the opposite side.

The Lastolite UpLite goes for $225. You can get the White/Silver version here and the White/Sunfire version here.


2 Replies to “Lastolite UpLite Review”

  1. Thanks for the review Terry. The UpLite can also be used to help separate a background from the subject. By placing a light pointed up into the reflective panel you can bounce it off the background.

    Mark Astmann
    Lighting product manager
    Bogen Imaging, Inc.

  2. This is a great idea, and I’m sold on it as a concept, but at $225 retail for essentially a 4 way reflector, the Strobist in me wants to go to Home Depot and get some PVC and make that little bracket to hold the reflector I already own up for a near similar effect.

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