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When Apple introduced the iPhone OS 3.0 update they also updated MobileMe to include the new Find My iPhone feature. One of the other things that wasn’t widely publicized was that they also introduced a new iPhone App to allow you to access your MobileMe iDisk from your iPhone or iPod touch running the 3.0 update. Well Apple delivered the app this week as a free download from the App Store.


How does it work?

The App itself is very basic in operation and easy to use. Once you launch it you enter your MobileMe username and password. After that you’re presented with 4 tabs: IDisk, Recents Shared Files and Public Folders.

The iDisk tab will show you all of your folders on your iDisk and let view any document that is viewable on your iPhone/iPod touch such as PDFs,  MS Office docs (.DOC, .XLS. PPT), images such as .JPG files and iWork documents such as Pages, Keynote and Numbers. 

idisk-folders     idisk-viewimage

Yes, it does work in Landscape mode too.


The Recents tab is handy to get you quick access to the documents you’ve viewed "recently".





The Shared Files tab simply lists files you shared recently and their status.



Public Folders is cool in that it allows you to access Other People’s Public Folders! This makes it very easy for MobileMe users to check out documents of other MobileMe users that are publicly available. 



Public Folders are so last year! Use Sharing instead…

Public Folders are really cool, but you either have to make this area of your iDisk unrestricted OR you have to assign it a password and give that password out to users and then they have to figure out how to access your Public Folder.

Earlier this year, Apple introduced MobileMe Sharing, which allows you to Share Files from your iDisk very easily by sending users an email with a direct link to the file. The good part about this is that the file does NOT have to be in your Public folder. So if I share a file with you from my Documents folder, you can only access that one file. Just click the link in the file and download away.

Now you have this ability to share directly from your iPhone. Just select the File you want to Share and then tap the little broadcast icon. You can then address the email to whoever you want to be able to download this file and send it.


idisk-share1    idisk-share2



The Bottom Line

If you have an iPhone/iPod touch running the OS 3.0 update and you have a MobileMe account, this app is a no brainer. Download it today for FREE from the App Store. The more value that Apple pumps into MobileMe, the easier it becomes to justify the annual cost. One thing to remember is that you can almost always find MobileMe on sale! So never pay the regular subscription prices of ($99/$149 a year.) If you don’t have a MobileMe account yet or want to purchase a retail pack for when your subscription needs to be renewed, here’s a great deal on the Individual and Family Pack. The packs simply include a registration code so pay no attention to "Older Versions". Any retail pack you buy will work!


Features I LOVE about MobileMe:

Push Email, Contacts, Calendar

Syncing Contacts, Bookmarks, Calendars, etc. between multiple computers and iPhones/iPods

Find My iPhone

iDisk – Easy File Sharing

Nice Web Galleries

and now the iDisk App.



8 Replies to “iPhone App of the Week – MobileMe iDisk”

  1. I love using MobileMe, the only reason I rarely use it anymore is because it doesn’t run well on my work PC or on the other PCs I have at home (my main computer at home is an iMac). If only the speed and some quirkieness on the PC would work better, I would use it more. This app though is really cool to have. Thanks Terry for the links to the discounted MobileMe on Amazon, it makes extending my membership next month even more intriguing.

  2. This MobileMe iDisk app is great I started using it yesterday. I previously used a 3rd party app for a while but it wasn’t all that great. I have to agree with Roland regarding speed of MobileMe on some of my PCs (I only have PCs) it gets sluggish. I also find some changes (calendar or contacts) I make on a PC do not make it to my iPhone. It is frustrating. Do you have any ideas on setting I should look for either in MobileMe, Outlook or my iPhone to make sure all info is transmitted – it does show when I go online to MobielMe.

    Anyway, thanks Terry for another great Friday App of the week.

  3. There are a few similar apps that do this on the iPhone. It’s great that Apple is finally leveraging MobileMe by giving the app away for free. I gave up on it years ago as Dot Mac. iDisk was ALWAYS glacially slow. Remember BackUp app? Never worked for me – ever. If you do have access to a WebDAV account (iDisk or not) check out DAV-E on the app store. Looks like it does almost all the same things as the MobileMe iDisk app. It’s $10. One tenth of a MobileMe account.

  4. MobileMe speed is very dependent on your network. You need a good cable or DSL connection to use it. DAV-E does some SIMILAR things, but is NOTHING like MobileMe IMHO, and offers no ability to sync.

    MobileME is worth every penny. It’s only about $5 a month! (if you get a discount copy–$8 at full retail.) Besides, having the .mac email is just cool…

    1. Hi Brian-

      The problem isn’t with the network, trust me. I will use it at UofM on their network (which after doing a speed test it is some un-Godly speed of 26+ MB/sec. That is one of the fastest on the planet, but yet MobileMe crawls on the PC (Windows Internet Explorer 6). I can also agree with Robin in regards to syncing with MobileMe via the PC…not that good. If only Apple would fix these issues, I would use my MobileMe account all the time….or I wish I could just use my Mac all the time and poof….the problem would be fixed (MobileMe ALWAYS works well on the Mac, go figure!).


  5. Hi

    I just added this app to my iPod Touch.. But i do not know how to register! Please help! Thanks!

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