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One of the apps I had been looking for was an App that would find the mid-point between two people for meetings. One of my blog readers pointed me to Midway, which was my iPhone App of the Week a couple of months ago. I really like Midway, however the one thing it was missing was the ability to enter a manual address. Well now I’ve found a new App called MeetMe that works just the way I want it to.

The concept is simple. You either use your current location, an address from one of your Contacts or an address that you enter manually as your Point A and Point B locations.

meetmea-enter      meetmea

Then you choose a category for the type of meeting location that you want to meet at. MeetMe will then propose a list of locations between Point A and Point B.

meetme-cat    meetme-bbq

You can even use an interactive slider that will pick locations closer to either Point.

meetme-closer    meetme-rest

Once you settle on a location, you can email directions from either Point or from both Points to anyone that you want to meet with.



The Bottom Line

This app has a great user interface and works as advertised. It’s fantastic for meeting friends and family for social gatherings.  By giving you the ability to enter an address manually it makes it perfect for use with Craig’s List or eBay transactions. MeetMe is $1.99 from the App Store and works on the iPhone and iPod touch.

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  1. Terry,

    I’m disappointed in the home page advertisement for BuyerZone. I clicked the conveniently located “continue” button by mistake and was lead away from your blog. I thought I was continuing on to the rest of your article. I know you may need a little extra revenue to support this blog but I know you can do better than this.

    Still a fan though,


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