4 Replies to “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”

  1. Terry – thanks i needed to hear this today. i needed to be re-inspired and a find a new why to be successful.

    thanks so much, its the little thing we do for each other that change the world..

  2. Terry, thank you for sharing the video. It is profound on so many levels. I have a feeling I will be thinking about it for a long time to come.

  3. Great presentation. My favorite line is when he says (paraphrasing) “[business] profits are a result of why we are in business”…and there’s the connection to his premise: why-how-what and thus the connection to leadership (vs. management). That’s insightful; thanks for passing it on.

    BTW, I understand Langley was gutted when the Wright Brothers succeeded where had failed and there were lawsuits claiming he’d flown first and he was shown to be a poser. S, rather than fame, Langley was disgraced. See Wikipedia for some of the facts.

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