Verizon & AT&T Battle on TV: Which Ad did you like Best?





I love the competition and it's already making AT&T make some changes to their pricing. Now that the battle is in full swing, which of these 1st wave Ads did you like best?


9 Replies to “Verizon & AT&T Battle on TV: Which Ad did you like Best?”

  1. The guy using at&t is just stupid, he doesn’t even know how to use his calendar to remind him of his anniversary. Then again I don’t need a calendar to remind me it’s my wedding anniversary, I’ve never forgotten it!

  2. Being a fan of more competition does add a little bias to my vote, but not living in the US I don’t really care about either company..

    That said Verizon’s comercial seems more slick/pro.. It also made me laugh with the subtle jab at AT&T..

  3. Terry – I’m a huge fan of the iPhone and AT&T and have never suffered from drop calls any more than what would be usual with any cell phone company. However, I liked the Verizon call better because of the simplicity of message and the Buddy Holly like icon guy.

    But, I honestly believe that the day everyone signs up for Verizon’s version of the iPhone they may encounter the same service issues that many have complained about with AT&T. Am I wrong here Terry?

    Reggie Sanders

  4. Been there and done that. I have had Verizon and Sprint and I personally had more problems with both of them that I have had with AT&T, I also didn’t care for some of Verizon’s customer service issues. But I welcome the competition, especially if it helps some of the pricing.

  5. Apple hasn’t bought their own Superbowl ad in many years. Now, they don’t have to.

    Two iPhone Superbowl ads and it costs Apple nothing.

  6. Verizon wins to me.

    Verizon’s ad addresses something that is core to a phones usage. Actually not dropping phone calls.

    AT&T’s ad addresses something you have to do once in a blue moon. Also that guy is sitting in his office, which has WiFi most likely. Contrary to what people and the ad says… You CAN surf the web and talk on CDMA iPhone. You just have to be using Wifi and cant do it over 3G.

    If ATT changes the ad to say [surf the web “over 3G”] at least then they would not be lying.


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