eBay creates a rich internet app using AIR

If you’re into technology and gadgets you almost have to be into eBay as well. How else would you get rid of that older gear that you had to have at the time, that isn’t as cool anymore?

eBay is my favorite site for not only cleaning out my basement and garage, but it’s also a site that I use to find good deals on new gear. So anything I can do to make that experience go faster or better, I’m all for it. eBay Desktop lets you create your own eBay environment to track the items that you’re interested in. You can do searches, place bids and have it continously update while you are connected all without ever touching your web browser.

eBay decided to use Adobe’s Integrated Runtime (AIR) technology which allows anyone to create rich internet applications that are cross platform and stand alone.

"We wanted for a long time to create a desktop presence. Previously, our team agreed it was too expensive and couldn’t be done. Then along came Adobe AIR."
– Alan Lewis, Product Manager, eBay Desktop

AIR lets developers leverage HTML, CSS, AJAX, Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex technologies.

You can download the new FREE eBay desktop here. You can learn more about AIR here.

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