Camera Mount for Your Car – Gripper 3025-RA Review


Last weekend I collaborated with my buddy Bruce over at Mandel Video on a video project. He was telling me that he bought a brand new Camera Mount for the car and wanted to use it on this project. Of course I had immediate thoughts of "yeah right, that ain't gonna work!" and I could just picture thousands of dollars in camera gear tumbling down the road. However, when I saw this thing and saw him attach it to the car I was very impressed! So impressed that when we were done shooting I immediately said "OK, how much for the mount?"


Here's a rough cut of the video we're working on that I put together for this review:



Although the above video was shot with my light weight Canon VIXIA HF10 HD Camera, I would have been totally comfortable putting a DSLR (like my Nikon D5000) on this mount as well. The suction cup is rated up to 74lbs! The supplied camera mount holds up to 6 pounds. If you need more the folks over at offer bigger badder options. We shot 3 different clips (1080i AVCHD) and I edited them together quickly in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4.


The Bottom Line

This mount does exactly what it says it does. I was so impressed that I ordered one for myself. You can check it here at

5 Replies to “Camera Mount for Your Car – Gripper 3025-RA Review”

  1. Hey Terry:

    Wow…WoW! That is very impressive as I did not notice any vibration as the car wound its way down the driveway. It looks like you had some big Hollywood dollars to make it happen all so smoooooth. On the inside shots, is that using the hand held camera inside or are you using the mount in another capacity? Also not related to the camera gear… I like your choice of scenery (car, driveway, time of season, etc) and your model was very pleasing to the eye:)

    1. Thanks Victor,
      The mount was also on the door so that the camera could shoot through the passenger window in that shot. So in other words the mount was used for all the clips in the video.

  2. I think I’d be tempted to put a tag line on the camera and into the car, just in case !@#!@#.

    Terry – how much do they cost?

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