Apple TV Update Sneaks in a New Photo Wall Screen Saver

I use Apple TV's and HDTV's throughout my studio to display my photography. When I did my last update to Apple TV for some reason it forced a factory reset and while it was no big deal to set it up again, I discovered that there were a couple new choices in the Slideshow/Screensaver area. One of them is called Photo Wall.  I love this one because not only does it frame your images in a variety of nice frames that float by, it adds nice touches like mattes and a 3D spin when it hits the corner of the virtual room. It's like you're walking along a wall of photos and you get to the corner and turn to walk down the next wall. Nicely done!

You can get an Apple TV 2nd Gen here for $99.

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  1. Terry,

    Thanks for your update on Apple TV. I am in the process of updated my studio. I see you have some “think” for hanging some photos in your studio. Did they come from Ichea. If so can you tell me what they are called. The Ichea store is about 2 hours away.

    And, I just return from Greece,Turkey, and Italy. I was with my Mom (age 93). Due to her age, I took my new IPhone4s used it for all my photo work, I was amazed how well the photos were. By the way, I noticed SRI and dictation is not supported in the countries I visited. I was disappointed.

    I will be in Detroit next weekend on personal business. If I have time, will you studio be open. Love to see it??

    Ken in KY

  2. Thanks for the info! I would have never even thought to look. Just set it up and love it!

  3. Nice use of the Apple TV.
    We simply display repeating files on our “wall art” HDTVs from either Roku Brightsign units or thumb drives. So my question for you Terry is that since, I believe, Apple does not yet sell an Apple TV that supports 1080P (let alone 4K!) what do your images look like at 720? Any visible degradation for 1080P?

  4. Hi Terry, have you tried to jailbreak ATV2 with Firecore’s ATV Flash? Is it worth it as I read it opens doors to more functionalities.

  5. I’m guessing Photo Wall only is available on the ATV2? I’m fully updated on my ATV1 and nothing.

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