Adobe Photoshop World 2011 Keynote



If you missed Photoshop World Orlando, you missed the Adobe Keynote where Photoshop Product Manager Brian O'neil Hughes showed some sneak peeks of some up and coming Photoshop Technologies being worked on in the labs at Adobe. Check out the video above to see what you missed! Was there really a Photoshop for iPad shown? 😉

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3 Replies to “Adobe Photoshop World 2011 Keynote”

  1. So that how you use the sharpen tool. Does anyone know how / who Russell Brown used to print the material?

  2. Brian O’neil Hughes stated that the sharpening tool has the most advanced algorithm for any sharpening routine out there. Ok, why are so many of us still making a duplicate layer, applying unsharp mask, or smart sharpen, then applying a mask, then editing the mask?

  3. JW – to clarify, the changes to the default behavior of the Sharpen Tool produce the least artifacts and the most impressive raw results; this practice is of course destructive when applied to the source material (as opposed to a duplicate layer). each feature and workflow has its own strengths and weaknesses…this is a very powerful tool that nearly no one is aware of – if i were to guess why people are using old ways, it would be awareness. usm has no advantages over ss, but many are familiar with the legacy controls…so we retain both.

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