When you have nothing new to say…


As much as I wish I had a nice new shinny piece of technology to talk about today, I really don’t! I’m on vacation this week and blogging from beautiful Page Arizona! I came out here to do one thing and one thing only and that is “to shoot!” From sun up to sun down I’ve been focused on my landscape photography.

The scenery here is simply breathtaking. You can view the shots I’ve taken thus far on the trip here (many of which are geotagged/mapped).

I just can’t let it go! I have to talk about technology. I knew this would happen the minute I said “geotagged.” OK, so while none of this is new, here’s the technology that I’m using and loving this week:

I’m surrounded by technology on this trip and the great thing is that it’s all working! If you haven’t read my reviews on the products listed above, just click the links and it will seem like a full day/week worth of blog posts 🙂

  • O M G

    The jealousy has set in !!
    : P


    Sarah K

  • Great images Terry,

    Enjoy your time off.

    One question when you get a chance – with a MacBook Pro with you , why do you carry the

  • Hi Peter,
    I use the P6000 for an “in-the-field” backup when the MacBook Pro is back in the hotel room. Sometimes these shoots are once in a lifetime. So I don’t want to risk losing the images to a corrupted card. The P6000 gives me peace of mind without having to carry the MacBook Pro in the field.

  • Tom

    Beautiful shots! What a wonderful place to energize and enjoy life. Thanks for sharing these photos.

  • Stan Burman

    I really hope you’re enjoying Page. I live here and can’t get enough of it. Obviously you have discovered some of the standard classics for this area. Looking forward to your final impressions.
    Love your blog. Thanks.

  • sara

    Great pictures! I’m interested in purchasing a small pocket size camera to carry on vacation in June. Do you have any recommendations? By the way i own a Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ20 but it’s way too big to bring on my vacation.


    • You might want to check out my recent review on the Nikon Coolpix P6000. Just do a search on my blog.

  • Evelyn

    Hi Terry,
    First I want to thank you for given so much to this blog. I really have learned so much in the year or so I’ve visited your blog. Even being a PC lover with a iPhone I learn so much. Your pictures of your vacation are really nice. Will be placing them for sale? I would love to see pic with the sand falling of the side of the mountian. It’s because of you I’m able to get so much out of my iPhone. Love the app of the week. I have to ask you this, is there an app that allows us take pictures from our iPhone and send them to our blogs? I hate having to wait until I get home to my desktop to blog pictures onto my blog. Thanks so much.

    • Hi Evelyn,
      thanks so much! Yes, there are a few apps that will let you upload shots from your iPhone directly to your blog. Also even without using an app, some blogs allow you to do email posts. That way you could post pictures via email. Really depends on your blogging engine/host?