Do something nice today for the veteran in your life


Chances are if you know a veteran personally, he or she has made tremendous sacrifices for his or her country and family. Why not do something special for that person today to let them know that you appreciate them and all that they did for their country and loved ones.

Happy Veterans Day!

  • Thank you for your service Terry!

    • terryleewhite


  • Jonas Whatsoever

    Eventhough it doen’t really affect me personally, respect and honor for you and every other veteran. Greetings from Germany 😉

  • dodfaefife

    Hi Terry Did you start your interest in photography while in the service? Couple of people I know got the bug while in.

    • terryleewhite

      Actually I had the bug since I was a kid.

  • Michael Curtis

    I work as a Pro Photographer for the Army. Where did you do Basic?

    • terryleewhite

      I did basic at Ft. Leonard Wood MO

  • Maurice Lewis

    I love seeing these pics of you. I figured you would show another one :). It is refreshing seeing so many people are veterans and paved the way for us all. I did basic at Ft Leonard Wood as well. Such a lovely place. Thank you sir.