My New “The iPhone Book” 6th Edition is Now in Stock!


Hot off the press! My new “The iPhone Book” 6th Edition, co-authored with my good friend Scott Kelby is now instock and available at right here.

The book covers iPhone 5, 4s and 4 as well as iOS 6.

Sound off in the comments as to why you want or need this book and I’ll pick at least one lucky winner on Monday and ship you a free one!


The two winners of my iPhone book are Jo Ann Johnson and Derek.

  • Tom H

    I want this book, mainly because every time I think I know everything the iPhone has to offer, I always find something else awesome about it, and I’m eager to learn more!

  • Chris Plante

    I need to know how to get an audio book purchased via iTunes 11 to sync into my 4s iOS 6.

  • Santa brought me an iPhone 5 for Christmas, and your book would be great to get me up to speed!

  • Doug Arrington

    I’ve been so busy at work this past year that I’ve fallen shamefully behind the iPhone knowledge curve. Wanting to upgrade but afraid of being “lost in (cyber) space”.

  • Jo Ann Johnson

    Hi Terry,
    I need this book because I know that you have found every feature imaginable built into the iPhone and this would help me learn what the features are and to use them to be more productive. Thank you.

  • Miriam

    Just got back from a class in IPhone at the Apple Store. Wonder how much I will actually remember. They do a good job there, but I would love the book to help remind me and learn even more than one can learn in and hour and by noodling around with the phone.

  • Great book idea, as most people never part from their iphones. It’s the P&S that never leaves your side.
    Is this available on the NAPP site as well?

  • I am doing a project of one photo a day with iPhone this year, but I think I will need to know more about the iPhone then just taking pictures. This book will be great !!

  • I need this because I’m always getting asked by friends “how do you…” and I don’t know everything!

  • Mike

    Let’s face it, even those of us that are techies that everyone goes to only have so much time to invest in figuring out our phone. We think we can just fumble through it and be fine, but life would be a lot better if we knew all of the little tips and tricks that I’m sure this book will reveal. Add to that the fact that I’ve learned a TON from both Terry and Scott and know them both to be terrific teachers. How can you go wrong with a book like this.

  • I have the new iPhone 5 and my wife has the iPhone 4s and we discover new features all the time. These smart phones are really smart pocket computers that are sophisticated and complex yet easy to use. That easy to use layer hides a lot of power that you may only learn from books like your “The iPhone Book.” I know I have discovered a lot when reading past editions for my iPhone 3s and wife’s iPhone 4. I look forward to reading your new book for the power and features of iPhone 5 and iOS6.

    Thank you.

    Cheers, Bill990

  • Rob

    I need this book so I can hand it to my coworkers and say “look it up”

  • Derek

    Terry, not only did I buy my dad (65 yrs old) an iphone for Christmas, I did the double-whammy and bought my mom (65 yrs old) one as well. What was I thinking? I am now family help desk for all things iphone! Please send me a copy of your book so I can be sure I’m giving them correct answers.

  • Donna Pointer

    I don’t have any book on the iPhone and I really learn better from actual books, plus I like to reference something in the hard copy of a book, rather than search online when I need instructions. I have no doubt this is really the best book out there on this subject. I would absolutely LOVE to have the prize copy.

  • Hi Terry,
    I found your first book verk helpful when I’d bought my 3GS. Now I’m a proud owner of an iPhone 5 and once again I feel as if I’m missing so many helpful features. I’m sure your new book would be as helpful as it was three years ago.

    Best regards

  • I’d love to read the new book to go along with my shiny, new iPhone 5 (especially since it doesn’t come with any instructions. . .).

  • Josh

    Hi Terry,

    sorry i did not see a contact form. I think you have a lot of talent in video tutorials. How much would it cost for you to make a video tutorial on photoshop on anything you like for me? I need video tutorials for my website. thanks