How To Get Started with Adobe Muse – 10 Things Beginners want To Know How To Do


In this episode of the Adobe Creative Suite Podcast Terry White shows how to Get Started Designing Websites with Adobe Muse – The 10 Things Beginners Want To Know How To Do. See a complete workflow from start to finish.

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Learn Adobe Creative Suite with Terry White - Wizzard Media

  • Thomas Benner

    Muse is awesome. Terry White knows Adobe software inside and out. A great combination and well worth watching.

    Sadly, Terry neglected the built-in round-tripping of PNG’s with Fireworks and decided to focus on round-tripping with Photoshop. Sigh… C’mon Adobe. Yes, we know Photoshop is a great image editor. Fireworks is a great screen graphics editor and works well with both Photoshop and Illustrator. You own Fireworks. How about at least mentioning it . ;-( I am deducting points for failure to mention Fireworks.

    • terryleewhite

      Thomas, I mentioned what I actually use and the application most Muse users are likely going to be using. Fireworks is awesome. Just not an App that I’ve used more than once or twice. I didn’t mention lots of apps. Doesn’t take anything away from them.

  • Ray

    I love your BestAppSite app. Sorry for posting this question here but couldn’t find well else to send it so… Is there a photo app for iphone that you recommend for determining the hyperfocus point in say a landscape shot?

    • terryleewhite

      I’ve never seen or used one.

      • Ray

        Thanks for the response

  • Brenda Godwin

    I would love to use Muse after seeing your video, but want a stand alone program that I can purchase and use, not rent for a monthly fee. Why is Adobe moving to this model?

  • Peggy Lawing

    Terry, thanks for this lesson! You really made it simple, your a great teacher! Started working on my new site last night!
    Hope you have a seminar near Charlotte, NC soon!

  • Can you please tell me what is the difference (in the features) between Muse CS6 and Muse 3.2? What you can’t do with 3.2 and with CS6 you can? THX!

  • dat

    Hi, sorry to put the question here, but i really need to…i have a big problem with my first website which makes me feel so bad these days and hopefully u could help me out. Thank you.
    My problem is: when i design the website(by adobe muse) on a 1920×1020 screen, every object seems to be fine. But the point is that when i continue to design it on a smaller screen, those mentioned objects still remain their size which was created on the 1920×1020. As a result, all the object start to spread out of that ”smaller screen”, look so bad . I think the solution to work it out is to find some tools that can ‘auto-resize’ automatically every object. Can u please show me the way to fix it….