How To Create iPad Apps with InDesign CS6

The Adobe Creative Cloud offering just got a whole lot sweeter! Adobe has made the Digital Publishing Suite Single Edition (DPS SE) available to Creative Cloud Members offering them the ability to create an UNLIMITED number of iPad Apps at no additional cost. Build your Folio in InDesign CS6, use the newly update “Create App” feature of the Folio builder, which generates a .ipa (iOS App) file, upload your App to Apple or simply deploy on your provisioned iPads.

In this episode of the Adobe Creative Suite Podcast Terry White shows how to use InDesign to create iPad Apps without writing code. See the complete process from InDesign to the App running on my New iPad.

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  • Really interesting stuff, Terry. Definitely something I’d like to play around with. Thanks for sharing this.

    I have now watched three Adobe demos of this process and although they have all briefly mentioned one needs to register as an Apple Developer, none of the three have mentioned that will set you back $100. I realize that is not an Adobe cost, but I think it’s a good idea to let your viewers know there is some cost to doing this.

    Trev J.

  • Ian Bennett

    This development is really exciting and has helped me focus on where and what I will concentrate on. As soon as I heard about this feature I was hoping that “Tel” would produce a “how to” podcast, he has and as usual it is right up to the mark, extremely informative and delivered with the usual charm and humour. Well done Adobe, well done Terry.


  • aszxwp

    Hey Terry, I’m terrified by the anounce by Adobe that I, CC customer since 2013, will no longer be able to create apps from InDesign. Didn’t receive any e-mail, just noticed when ending the DPS App Builder sequence for my first app. I’ve spent so much money being prepared to do apps like these, enrolled the Apple Developer Program, and bought a rather expensive Apple Macbook Pro to fit the apps creation needs. Now all done for nothing?

    Please Terry, what are my options right now?

    Cheers n tks for all great content.