Adobe Configurator 3.1 now live on Labs

Most people that use Adobe Creative Suite Applications tend to use the same tools all the time. However, the built-in tool panel is set in a certain configuration that you can’t really change. Or can you? Well no you can’t alter the built-in Tool Panel, but you can make your own! Adobe Configurator 3.1 allows you to create your own custom panels for Adobe Photoshop or Adobe InDesign.

Here’s one that I put together for Retouching in Photoshop

It has the tools and commands I use almost every single time I retouch an image. As a bonus I’m giving it away as a free download here (you’ll need to install Adobe Configurator 3.1 first to install the panel). You can start with my Retouching Panel and customize it to your liking.

You can download Adobe Configurator 3.1 here on Adobe Labs for CS 5.x or CS6 users.

  • Chris Joyce

    Where did Select > Similar Layers go? I have to rewrite a serious amount of actions and was wondering if this still exists and could this panel thing be a solution?

  • Hi Terry,
    Thanks for sharing. Installed Configurator, however when I try to extract your panel download I get a “unexpected error”. Not sure if it’s because I am running under windows ?

  • Bob

    I downloaded your retouching panel, but it will not unzip. All I get is the folder and an error message saying the file is only a partial one. I suspect there is something wrong with the file extensions.

  • Jonathan Ferman

    Terry’s file is a .gpc file that you will need to unzip. It can then be opened from Configurator. If you can;t get it to work I could repost it somewhere but in the mean time why not try the sample panels available from the Welcome screen.

    Hope that helps.