Discover Cool Extensions for your Adobe Creative Suite Products

Adobe has had an Adobe Exchange website for years. This site was designed for you to discover and download 3rd party extensions and plug-ins for your your favorite Creative Suite products. Thanks to a new Extension on Adobe Labs, you can now search for, download and install cool extensions right inside your Adobe Creative Suite Products.

All you have to do is head over to Adobe Labs and download the New Exchange Extension. Once installed, you will have an Exchange Panel inside your Creative Suite Apps to see what’s available for your favorite Adobe apps.

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  1. You can also sign up for a free account in order to submit your own products using tools like the new Configurator 3.1 or Packager. There’s no coding required! Alternatively, join the prerelease for unlimited product submissions. The form takes about a minute to complete:

    There are already some great products on the new Adobe Exchange and we would love to see products from you up there too!

    Jonathan Ferman | Product Manager

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