Yes, you can still get the Photoshop Photography Program for $9.99/month


I still run into photographers that don’t know about this great deal. Adobe is still offering Photoshop CC, Lightroom 5, a Behance Prosite (customizable website like mine) and 20GB of cloud storage for only $9.99/month! Yes, this also includes access to Lightroom Mobile. You can sign up for this plan here. I’ve also included three videos below to help you get started:




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  1. That’s correct. but I also get the whole CC suite for $29.99 a month. So I pay $20.00 more a month for 35 Adobe apps. instead of 1 Adobe Photoshop app.

  2. I have two questions.
    When my $30 special offer ends, I’ll be shifting to an InDesign-only plan. I simply don’t have the time to learn, much less use, those dozens of other apps. As I told someone at Adobe, “I’m no Leonardo da Vinci.”
    But I’m also thinking of signing up for the $10 Photoshop plan, so I can use PS to handle book interiors and covers. The hitch is that the PS plan comes with benefits such as Behance that are already part of my ID plan. It seems that signing up for two plans should come with some sort of bonus, either a discount or some added benefit. 1. Is there some benefit of having both that I’m missing?
    2. Has Adobe considered a Plus Photo option to the single app plans? It’d add the Photoshop package to any single app package for a slight discount, say $8.99 rather than $9.99. It’d simplify Adobe’s accounting, one billing rather than two, and might get more sign-ups for both single-apps and Photoshop.

    –Michael W. Perry, co-author of Lily’s Ride

    1. 1. there are no additional benefits to signing up to two plans at this time.
      2. Adobe is always considering other plan options which is how this Photoshop for Photographers plan came up in the 1st place. Ala-cart is often talked about, but the plans are what they are today.

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