What’s New in the Adobe Muse CC November 2013 Update?



In this episode of Adobe Creative Cloud TV, I’ll show you the 5 major new features of this latest November 2013 update to Adobe Muse CC. Photographers will LOVE the last feature I show! See how this visual web design tool has just gotten a lot better.

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18 Replies to “What’s New in the Adobe Muse CC November 2013 Update?”

  1. Hey Terry,

    Nice video, like always 🙂 I’m a big fan !

    Question : Is it possible to link my photos on my creative cloud (or Dropbox / Flickr / 500px / …) to a slideshow in Muse, instead of importing them manual? This would be very nice !

    1. Hi, thanks. At this point the images have to be imported manually. I’m hoping for more automated ways to come.

  2. Improving Muse is nice, but none of my income comes from it. Any idea when we’ll see a significant update to InDesign?

    I’ve got about a dozen print books that I could migrate to iBooks very quickly if ID would just turn its footnotes into pretty little pop-up notes.

  3. Hi Terry, can you tell me what the optimal dimensions the photos need to be to display cleanly in the full page slideshow? Thanks.

      1. Thank you, Terry. I appreciate it. I love Muse BTW and your tips were helpful. I just launched the Muse version of an interpreting agency’s site – see it here:


        Hope to expand on it as time goes on. Thanks, Mike

  4. The updates are very nice! I can’t wait for customizable palettes, as with the Photoshop, Illustrator etc.

  5. Terry is there anyway to apply scroll effects on items (image, textbox etc) inside a widget (eg tooltip)?

  6. Terry…

    Thank you for the video. Muse seems to be getting better and better.

    I have a couple of questions, like most of us do.

    Is your website/blog built using Muse?

    Also, do you think we’ll see the ability to build “forms” without being forced to use Business Catalyst?

    Oh, I know this must be a crazy question BUT can you build a Muse website based on WordPress? Or rather build a WordPress site using Muse? You obviously can with Dreamweaver but the ability to create it in Muse would be amazing.

    I know you are short on time but thanks for the forum!


    1. can i interrupt…

      what do you mean by “ability to build “forms” without being forced to use Business Catalyst?”?

      …forms can be built in Muse, and they are independent of BC. Except U mean something else.

      1. The forms widget originally required your site to be hosted with Adobe Business Catalyst. Now you can use the Contact Form widget and host your site anywhere you like as long as the hosting provider has PHP on the back end.

  7. Goodday Mr. Terry,

    I ran into a little problem trying to apply scroll motion to horizontal scrolling.

    I mean, I wanted a scroll effect to happen when the horizontal scroll bar (x-motion) is moved.

    any way to get that done in Adobe Muse?

  8. Hey Terry White…

    is it possible to add a Blog or a comment box where people can upload pictures to my muse website??

    like this forum you have here.. ? 🙂

    BTW… i just started using Muse! i love it, your video´s are awesome!!!

  9. I spent so much time figuring out Muse and grew to really love it. But we’re all screaming out for a blog function. I’ve had to abandon it in favor of self-hosted site builders but they lack the creative freedom of Muse.

    I watched a tutorial on using the Business Catalyst blogging function. It seems very awkward, not to mention that it costs more. With the $50 cloud fee, it seems odd that Muse doesn’t come with a tool that includes the single-biggest need most websites have.

    Any ideas if we’ll ever get that?

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