It’s a wallet, not tech

Although my old wallet wasn’t quite a “Costanza Wallet” it was thick enough to be noticed by my buddy Larry Becker. We trade tech recommendations all the time and while this had nothing to with tech, it’s hands down the best wallet I’ve ever had. It’s actually quite a simple concept. Instead of trying to consolidate everything into a smaller footprint, The Big Skinny wallet spreads things out a bit so that the same contents can be, well skinny in your pocket.

The Big Skinny is the best wallet I’ve ever had!

I stopped carrying my wallet in my back pocket years ago because I was sitting lopsided. Also, it’s less of a pickpocket opportunity. Moving it to my front pocket was more comfortable and as you might imagine caused an unnecessary bulge.

Big Skinny Wallet open
All of the cards and money that I need to access are easy.

With the Big Skinny wallet that bulge disappeared. I did take this opportunity to remove a few credit cards that I was carrying too, but even If I had put the exact same contents in the Big Skinny it would have still been half the thickness. I decided that I really only needed my driver’s license, registration, proof of insurance (although that’s in my app), personal credit card, work credit card, business credit card, Global Entry/TSA ID, voter’s registration card and a couple of different loyalty cards. Those cards plus a bit of cash make up my wallet. I could remove a few more things that I don’t need every day to even go thinner, but this wallet does such an amazing job I don’t mind having them in there.

Big Skinny Wallet Closed

The design is simply amazing and there’s even a nice spot for my new Apple Card and it’s delicate titanium finish.

If you’re looking for a new wallet you can’t beat this one and the low cost will surprise you even more. Thanks Larry for the recommendation!

Get the Big Skinny Wallet here. It comes in black or brown.