I’m a fan of yours

Two days ago I was really having one of those days. It wasn't that anything had really gone wrong, but I was really starting to reach my limit on the whole blogging thing. I know that my blogs help thousands of people and I don't do them for praise I do them because I enjoy technology and sharing my views on technology. I don't expect everyone to agree with my opinions here just like I don't expect everyone to agree with my opinions in life. So it's OK to disagree or have another way to doing something, just be nice about it. I can write a post and get 49 people that tell me that it helped them in some way or they have good questions about about something I wrote or even disagree and respond with why they disagree. Then there's always that one that just sucks the life out of the virtual room. The one that writes the hateful, mean, derogatory, outrageous comment. Those comments usually never see the light of day, but  they can be draining at times reading and deleting them. Not to mention the Virus/Malware attacks I've suffered over the past month. I was pretty much ready to walk away from this for a while…


Then Something Extraordinary Happened On Tuesday

Tuesday I got a message on Twitter from someone claiming to be Seal. Yes Seal, the musician superstar. Like many of you are thinking right now, I thought "yeah right." It's a joke. I'm being pranked. It must be a spam message. However, this guy was persistent. So I decided to play along. I went to his twitter page and it actually looked like the real thing. Now keep in mind that anyone can start a Twitter account and claim to be someone famous and it happens everyday. I know this! However, the weird thing was the page had been up a while and usually a  celeb will have fake pages removed. Even then I thought "well maybe it's his manager." Even then I was still VERY skeptical. Still I played along and he asked if we could talk on the phone. What? Um, OK, sure. So I responded with "what's your number?" Fully expecting that to be the end of this charade. The next response was an LA based phone number. Sure it could be faked easily too, but this was starting to feel even stranger. So I bit. I called it. OMG! It was really him! I was on the phone with Seal. Seal has a very distinct voice and while it could have still been an imposter, at this point there was nothing devious or phising about his conversation. After all you wouldn't have to go through such an elaborate hoax just to ask me some questions about technology. He had some questions about one of my posts and needed some help understanding how RAW processing worked on the iPad. We talked for 45 minutes about all things tech and photography. He told me that he was a fan of mine and had been a follower of this blog for a while. He was naming things that I had written and forgot about. It was real. It was this one phone conversation that made all of this seem worthwhile. It was someone whom I've admired for years and wouldn't have thought knew I existed that told me that he liked my style of writing, and that made me say maybe this isn't a waste of my time. 

I know that my sites get thousands of visitors a day. I know that I positively impact people. Your thank you's and "great jobs" do mean something. It does help me balance the "idiot comments" that I get from time to time.


Thank you for being there!

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  1. There`s something about musicians and rangefinders… Seal … Eric Clapton …
    And the former was quite active on the RFF a while back.

    If only I had your e-mail 1year ago to spam you with questions about cable management, TiVo`s and back-ups… :)) But there`s always the next apartment that needs to be fixed…

  2. When I saw that awesome beautifully pained photo of Seal I thought you were going to say you took it after meeting him via the ‘Net. That was a great story and I am glad I saw it. As you know I am a long time fan of yours in L.A. As for Seal, it is a good thing he reached out to you.

    As for the occasional idiot, They throw the rock and hide their hand. They are overactive spewing their predictable venom on many sites. I feel sorry for them.

  3. That IS awesome! I can understand how you feel. I am amazed how much work you produce-blogs, podcasts, seminars and more. It certainly CAN be exhausting. Your readers and fans do appreciate the wealth of material and breadth of knowledge you share. It is kinda’ cool, though, when it gets noticed by someone famous! I’ll have a story to tell ya’ after this weekend about meeting someone famous (besides you, of course :D!!!) BECAUSE of Twitter, too. I’ll send you a DM next week. Thx for all you do (& tell Seal thx for the encouraging words!)

  4. Love your blog.

    Liked the videos of ipad. Please keep up the good work.

    I read it everyday. I am also an old guy 66.

  5. Terry, I am very happy that you got this encouragement from Seal. I know how difficult it is keeping up with a blog. I too (like many) rely and appreciate your thoughtful blogs and find them invaluable. I can’t imagine anyone not being nice to you, but I know they are out there. May you have many more Seal like experiences!

  6. I’m reading Earth by David Brin for the umpteenth time but this time on the iPad. (Hey, the first book had to be relevant in more ways than one.) Your predicament made me wish that this fictitious program actually existed: http://www.evertype.com/misc/emilypost.html

    Keep rockin’ our world, Terry! And like Bono sings in U2’s Acrobat: Don’t let the [impolite people] grind you down. πŸ˜‰

  7. Terry, that is awesome and it came at a time when needed the lift. You ARE an inspiration to so many of us. I met you at a Photoshop World in Vegas about 2 years ago. It was a handshake that I have told my grandchildren about. Now they look forward to that opportunity as well. Keep up the good work Terry.

  8. Terry, I follow your blog every day and you can count me among those that appreciate what you do here, the info you present, and enjoy your style. That Seal or any other celebrity, and us non-celebrities do the same is not a surprise to me. Everyone had detractors, but please don’t let the idiots get to you. You start feeling bad, let your audience know and we’ll help jump right in and provide lots of encouragement.

  9. Terry – I hope you asked him if you could get him in front of your camera! You provide him with tech info, and he provides you with a famous face to shoot? Sounds fair to me…

  10. Wow, Terry. What a cool story. Good for you #1 and #2, mean people are just plain old stupid. Keep it up. There are lots of us who appreciate what you do and say (even if we don’t always agree with you 100% of the time). πŸ™‚

  11. Terry,

    what a pleasure it was to speak to you and your wife (I believe her name is Carla). You’ve provided a valuable source of helpful and insightful information into some of the ‘everyday’ tech-related questions in a way that few others are able to. Thank you also for taking your valuable time to answer the few mundane questions that I had and for listening to me wax endlessly about my experiences with photography and gear.

    There will always be haters and people who write the most insanely ‘pre-christ’ derogatory comments, (trust me, my wife and I could publish a book full of them, it is indeed a very different world from our perspective to what people see), but DO NOT STOP WRITING WHATEVER YOU DO……..NEVER STOP!


  12. Glad you got the needed boost Terry. Honestly, I’d love to do what you do, but the “idiots” keep me from going all out. Glad you’re braver than I.

  13. I, too, follow your blog everyday. Not only do I appreciate your writing style, but you are always blogging about the very things that interest me. You don’t just bring information to your readers, but humor. I will always remember you blinding following your GPS in Arizona! Hopefully it’s funny to you by now too:)

    My iPad 3G arrives tomorrow! Keep blogging on how to use it with Pages and Keynote-the missing link it sounds like.

    Julie Kiernan

  14. Terry, For every Seal who contacts you, there are several dozen famous people who follow your blog who don’t contact you. You have an uncanny knack of blogging about what is on our minds. Like I recently said: you are a national resource!

  15. Terry.. I LOVE your blog. Thanks so much for doing this. It’s a must read for me every day.. My husband and son are also fans and read daily. We all appreciate you very much. Sorry I haven’t said that sooner.

  16. Hi Terry,
    a great story there! don’t ever let the turkeys get you down!
    I love your blog and your honest reviews. I love when you point out what is obviously missing from a product, or say clearly that it’s price is out of line for what it is. Thank you!

    My wife works in the same building as you. I wanted to tell you that EVERY time I go to her building for whatever reason, I always take a quick visual scan to see if you happen to be in the lobby or something, because I’d walk right up to you to tell you that I’m a fan, and thank you for the time you invest in your blog and videos.

    You are very appreciated.
    That being said, if you need to take a break for a while, I’m sure all of your fans would understand. ….but don’t make it too long! πŸ™‚

  17. Terry;
    There are thousands of nobodies out here who read your blog religiously. In my 25 years in retail sales, I discovered that 1 percent of my clients gave me 99 percent of my headaches. Remembering that always made me stay the course because 99 percent of my clients were faithful and supportive of my business. I think you’ll find the same applies to technology bloggers. Of course it is nice when somebody famous just happens to be one of those supporters.
    Here is another “thanks for all you do” from the countless nobodies out here.

  18. Terry, I’ve been following your blog for years. I’m hardly famous, but I’m a children’s book author, photographer, and graphic designer. Without your help, the journey would have been a lot harder. Keep the faith, and know you have a lot of loyal fans out here in the wilderness.

  19. As I have mention before, I have been following your blog since day one (or it may have been day 2).

    Anyways, your reviews are fair and you are obviously very intellegent. You are without doubt one of the best bloggers and resources in my book.

    Don’t let them get to you.

  20. Hi Terrry,
    It was so nice to know that Seal is your fan and also loves technology and photography.
    I could not understand how you can keep your blog updated with the work you do. How many hours do you sleep? I am a huge fan of yours for a long time and recommended your blog to many people. Everyone thought you are a great blogger and educator. We all got so much help from you. I am an IT person and also an amateur photographer. I love technology and photography like you do but can never have time to do blog like yours.
    I think the industry should pay you big bucks and equipments. I am sure that companies sold so many products because you demonstrated , explained, and helped people understanding the products.
    Please keep up the great work. Thank you, thank you!

  21. Terry,
    I am a fan and have to read your blog for my tech fix. I have been helped so much by your app reviews. We may be silent but are very appreciative of your passion for photography and technology.

  22. Awesome Terry. You just never know who is watching! Your blogs are awesome! Don’t worry about the haters! Let them hate. After all, you talked to Seal! Keep blogging as I learn from you everyday.

  23. Within two years I will be a septuagenarian … who woulda thunk? I learn from your blog every single day, even when the post is of minimal interest to me. I’m saving your 25 iPad Tips.epub to share with each of my buddies who is smart enough to buy an iPad.

    Please keep up your good work, and smile each time some idiot spends the energy to be negative, because it’s not your loss, but his/hers!

  24. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy! I’m very happy for you.

    Your daily reader,

  25. I’m one of those people that reads your Blog everyday and I would like to commend you on a job GREATLY done. Thanks for taking the time to educate me everyday.

    Your daily pupil,

  26. When you create a daily blog that accepts replies you welcome the world into your living room. Luckily photographers as a whole are often nice, polite, gentle folks who see the world in a different light (no pun intended). But there are still those who are immature (age is not a factor) who use daily language that is indicative of their mindset. Because you invited them and they know you won’t appear on their doorstep they often go beyond the limits to draw you into their world. When times get trying, write because you enjoy it and direct it to your Grandmother, Mom, and wife. The rest of us will enjoy it also.

  27. Well Terry,

    In response to your issues with derogatory comments….I agree that those type of comments do not help in the betterment or understanding of anything should be deleted. But my problem with your site is I don’t see you post any comments whether derogatory or not, if the comments are disagreeable. If you are going to play this review game then you had better get some tougher skin or yes maybe you should quit. I don’t see that you get very many comments on your blog so it doesn’t appear many people are listening to your reviews anyway. How about we take a look at why you receive negative comments in the first place. IMHO, I feel that it is very poor review practice when you pick a product, lets say an app from the app store for example, and you review it, but you don’t actually compare it to other apps in the same category. I’ve even seen times where you pick an app in a category where it was the worse app in the category according to the reviews from purchasers of the app, but you review it, and then highly recommend it to your viewers when you didn’t even compare it to any other apps in the category. Not even to the best rated app in the category!! So why would I respect your recommendation? I wouldn’t!!! My question is this…..How can you feel good about recommending an app to your viewers when you didn’t even review or compare other apps in the category? For me, and probably the derogatory commentors as well, this type of review is absolutely worthless. A review that lacks depth is what I call “just going through the motions” If you’re not going to do a complete and thorough review (which means comparing a product to others like it )then why waste your time and mine with a BS review? Maybe you should stop trying your hands at mulitple projects (trying to be like your bud Scott Kelby) and just concentrate on doing a good job on one or two projects. That way you can apply more commitment to the project…Just something for you to think about. I’m sure you won’t post this comment (because in your eyes, it’ll probably be considered negative and as you say…”it will never see the light of day” tisk..tisk) so at least give it some thought. I’m sure with all the blogs and web pages you’re running ……one of them could definitely use the time you’re wasting on lack luster reviews.

    1. And so it begins….. πŸ™‚
      Perhaps you should read the comments in my iPad review where you will find some disagreement. It’s not hard to find if you truly LOOK.

      As far as my App Reviews go, I don’t base my opinions or Apps that I pick on the totally flawed 5 star system on the App store. Have you actually read why some of the apps get a low rating there? Hmmm. I base my choices on what the app does and how it works….wait for it….. for ME! That’s why it’s my opinion. Best App Site was never conceived as Best Comparison App Site (although I DO comparisons from time to time, um like the one that is there TODAY). It’s to give people the BEST Apps. I’m not wasting my limited time to tell you about the bad ones. Others can do that for you.

      Also and lastly if you don’t value my opinion that’s great! Do me and the rest of us a favor and go read the sites/blogs of the people’s whose opinions you do value. I wouldn’t want to waste any more of your time.


    2. Wow Tony….really unimpressive. If you do not like what Terry does or provides tune out, go to another blog, do not read his reviews, etc….The Internet is a huge pool of content….take you “fertilizer” and plant yourself somewhere else if its that bad for you here.

    3. Tony,

      In my years as a blogger/podcaster I’ve (as I’m sure Terry has) encountered numerous people like you. I don’t know what motivates an attack like this, or even why (if you’re so displeased with something) you’d spend so much time and energy to bash it…

      I’ll echo the other commenters and say that if you don’t like what you’re reading here… DON’T READ IT. There is no purpose served by posting comments like this IMHO. The job of any “tech writer” when reviewing a product is to give his/her opinion on the product itself, not to give you a rundown of every product in that same category and how it compares to them. I’ve downloaded and used several apps that Terry has suggested, I’ve also downloaded and deleted apps that he suggested. It’s a matter of taste and personal preference, there is no right or wrong. I’ve known Terry for a few years now, and I respect his work and trust his opinion, if you don’t, that’s fine.

      Oh and just because nobody comments on a post, doesn’t mean nobody is reading it.

      Thanks for your work Terry, keep it up! Hope to see you at PSW.

      – Justin

  28. Oh, Man Terry, I just found your blog while I searching for ipad info, now you may not continue! I love your blog! Very fun, informational and great!
    Please continue it!

  29. Terry,

    I never cease to be amazed at the comments some people feel compelled to write sometimes. Geez, if you don’t approve of something then fair enough but is there really any need for these people to express themselves in such a ‘crass’ way. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!

    Scott Kelby has clearly had his share of ‘nay sayers’ too and to be honest I wouldn’t blame you guys if you stopped blogging; that being said pllleeeeeaasssseee don’t!!!!

    Great to heat that ‘Seal’ came to the rescue; how cool is that to have him contact you!!!! Been a fan of Seal for years!!!

    Terry, please keep doing what you’re doing and if you get anymore of those ‘comments’ just send them a virus πŸ™‚


  30. ..and you have many fans in other parts of the world too.
    Thanks Terry.
    Regards from Berlin, Germany

  31. Hey Terry,

    It’s not just the big name stars that appreciate you! As I sit back and wait on my 3g ipad to arrive tomorrow I’m already thinking about what movies I’m going to sync (or maybe stream, we’ll see) to it! Thanks to you, I’ve already ripped my entire movie collection!

    I’m your best friend that you don’t know!

  32. That is very, very cool Terry – I can see why you got a boost from that.

    Now, for us Seal fans, maybe you can score a preview of the new album? πŸ™‚

    I enjoyed the CS5 overview Sunday – my first Macgroup meeting I have been able to make it to!

  33. Terry….so you gonna let all your kiss ass viewers comment about me but you block my comments. You’re a typical Bitch…..hope their comments inflate you little ego. But you and I both know you suck.

    1. It didn’t take “Tony” long to show his true colors. After he didn’t like the reply he got, he started in with stuff like this so of course, DELETE, SPAM, Block. Just thought I’d show you a little of my world πŸ™‚

  34. I can understand what you meant. I think there are points where any of us can get frustrated and just feel like it’s not worth the hassle anymore, especially if you have a lot of other pressing things to do.

    It’s happened to me online at some community sites before. Sometimes I step away for a while and then sometimes I’ve just stepped away completely.

    You do a great job of sharing useful information and I’m glad that you contribute to this community.

    p.s. I’m not surprised Seal is into photography with such a great subject as his wife.

  35. Hi Terry, I write just to tell that I think your blogs are great and I am a big fan from Madrid, Spain. Keep on being so cool!

  36. Hi Terry

    Quote from my husband, “Terry’s blog is the first thing I read every morning, it is just FABULOUS”. He now has me hooked too. I met you at the Photoshop Anniversary Celebration in San Francisco. We took a photo together and it is now hanging proudly in my piano parlor along with Thomas and John Knoll. Not sure if you remember but I said to you when in Tucson or California I would cook Armenian food for you.
    Terry you are the BOMB, keep up the good work, we love you.

  37. Terry, I only discovered your blog recently, but it will be in my Google Reader list from now on.

    enough said.

    Best of luck


  38. Forgot to say Awesome post and sharing! Got a little distracted early when posting. You never know who is reading πŸ™‚

  39. Terry,
    I may not be famous but I’ve been told I’m a legend in my own mind…. and I’m a big fan of yours too! Thanks for the time your put into helping the masses (like me) with your insights and experience. I read you every day….

  40. I’m not a celebrity like Seal, but I too appreciate your blog and find it extremely informative and entertaining! It’s one of my favorites that I check daily.

  41. Thanks so much Terry for the great blog and inspiring story with Seal. I visit this site and the BestApp site everyday and its helped me in more ways than I can count. I hope the comments of a few insecure intellectual leptons doesn’t discourage you from what you do best. My hats off to you and thanks again. πŸ™‚

  42. Hey Terry,

    I shoot mainly the Leica M9 and got a chance to meet Seal at the official Leica M9 announcement last year in New York. He’s really a down to earth guy that loves to talk photography.

    Anyway, I just got the Camera Connection Kit today at the Apple Store and was disappointed that the M9 DNG files look horrible (low rez) when downloaded to an iPad. SD and SDHC cards look equally as bad. To make sure it wasn’t the connection kit, I shot a couple Raw files from my wife’s Olympus EP-1 and like your experience with NEF files, they looked gorgeous on the device.

    Any idea as to what is going on? The Mac OS and Aperture have supported the Leica M9 for a while. Thought I would give you a heads up as your new buddy πŸ˜‰ may be calling you back if and when he gets an iPad and connection kit. His M9 files won’t look so good.

    1. I haven’t seen a published list of the RAW support. However, my theory is that it’s actually showing you the JPEG preview and not the RAW file itself. So if for some reason the Leica M9 JPEG Previews aren’t large enough enough that would explain why the don’t look as good.

  43. Terry,

    I wake up to your blog Monday – Friday. It’s a ritual for me.

    Your efforts are endless and I commend you for all your hard work. I truly enjoy and appreciate everything you do.

    And for Seal, I am not at all surprised. I have always held him and his wife in the highest of regards. Ironically, she was on Ellen today and my assistant and I were commenting on what great people they must be.

    Keep up the great work….both you and Black Rooster!


  44. Terry,

    First…thanks for not stopping! I look forward to your blog every single day. Second…I’m nowhere near as important as Seal but I’m a fan too and there is no doubt many of your “fans” feel just like me and would tell you that your blog is very informative and well worth a daily read. Thanks for deleting the really bad comments they tend to screw it all up for the rest of us and mean comments really have no place here.


  45. Hi Terry,
    G’Day from down under.

    I too have been a stalker on your blog for quite a long time now. And, like you, I’m a gadget nut as well. I would love to afford all the gadgets that you buy, but alas, my photography is an expensive habit, and takes all my spare cash.

    I don’t usually comment on your blog posts because generally I feel that I do not really have anything to add.

    There are a couple of things that I would like to say this time.

    I have enjoyed your more recent interviews on your blog. I reckon that they are great.

    Also, I too know the feeling of continually having shit hung on you. If only by a few people. And they do get to you. But I am sure you are well aware that it is easy to talk the talk. Walking the walk is, however, something altogether different.

    I have often wondered how you have the time to maintain your family, job, as well as everything else.

    Well, thanks for all your stuff.
    Don’t let the bastards bring you down.


  46. Hi Terry,

    Keep your chin up bud. Every site that allows comments that I’ve ever visited has it’s fair share of nasty complainers. I tend not to read the comments because of this. So don’t feel that they’re all targeting you. Other sites are copping it too.

    Anyway Terry, I appreciate what you do and how you do it.

    To Tony and other victims…

    A very important life lesson for you… life really is like a smorgasbord, if you don’t like what you’re chewing on, you can choose something else. Remember, we all like different things. Also, if you want to improve something, It’s way better to focus on solutions instead of the perceived problem..

  47. Thanks Terry from Bolivia, keep the education coming! Definitely my favorite podcaster ever!
    the Creative Suite Podcast helped me a lot when building my skills as a designer… DonΒ΄t let bad stuff get through you!
    Once again Thank U for all the great information you shared in the passed years!

    a Great Hug from Bolivia

  48. Terry!

    Isn’t it amazing how, as humans, we can focus on one negative in a sea of positives? I do the same thing myself (although I can’t claim your readership!). I hope it helps to know that I’ve been proselytizing your site since I came across it. One of a small handful of sites I make the time to read daily!

    Keep it up!

  49. That’s great Terry! I love your blog too, though this is the first time I’ve left a message, your recommendations have often helped my decisions for electronics. Thanks for being awesome =D

    – tanya

  50. I hear you, Terry. It’s amazing how uncharitable and nasty people can be, and it’s a shame. It’s a shame how hard it is to forget those emails and how quickly we forget the good ones. But I just wanted to throw in my two cents here, too, and tell you that I find your blog to be one of the most informative and easy to read blogs on gadgets out there. You run the gamut on topics, which keeps it interesting, you’re funny, you’re smart. It’s a joy reading your blog. As one band I work with sings, don’t let the joy robbers get you. Stay joyful. πŸ™‚

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