Great Car Mount for your New iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus

Arkon Mobile Grip 2

I know that many of you have the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus on order. Also many of you have large Android phones. Even if you don’t have a large smartphone, chances are whichever smartphone you have, you have it in a case. There, that should cover 99% of my readers 🙂

Time to take a look at a new car mount for your smartphone! The Arkon Mobile Grip 2 may be the answer to all your smartphone car mounting needs. This “sticky” suction mount has been on my dashboard now for about a week and a half and unlike all suction mounts I’ve tried in the past it shows no signs of falling off. This is probably due to the combination of both a good suction mount AND the “tacky” substance that comes standard on the suction cup. It can be dash mounted or mounted on a windshield. Like my favorite vent mount, it offers a “one-handed” mounting and unmountng of your smartphone and its spring loaded design means that you can mount just about any sized device WITHOUT having to remove your case. However, unlike vent mounts, you can not only mount it on your dash or windshield, but it’s more adjustable for better viewing angles. You can also mount your phone in the vertical or horizontal orientation.


I was surprised at how much I liked this mount as I really don’t care for suction cup styled mounts, but this one addresses my biggest pet-peeve because it doesn’t fall off the surface you have it mounted to.


The Bottom Line

I’m anxiously awaiting my iPhone 6 Plus and now I know I have an easy to use secure mount to put it in in my car. You can get the Arkon Mobile-Grip 2 Mount here.



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  1. I’d be interested in hearing how it survives a Detroit winter. That’s where previous suction things have failed me.

    Have you discovered any way to route the power cable?

    1. I don’t live in Michigan anymore so I won’t be able to comment on how it works in a “Detroit winter”. 🙂 It does have a “cable” slot on the left side of the phone holder part.

    2. Hi Bob, suction will perform stellar in both cold and hot temps. We offer a 2-year warranty on it, and so if you get one and see any issues, simply email us at for a replacement.

  2. Terry, an additional advantage of the vent holder is that when the air conditioner is on and it’s plugged in, the iPhone charges more quickly, and when it’s not being charged, the battery lasts longer. This is just the physics of heat and dissipation and efficiency. And stuff.

  3. Thanks Terry for the kind words about our Mobile Grip 2 mount. For those die-hard iPhoneographers, the cord-catcher on the side of the holder can easily be unscrewed (removed) to expose the 1/4″-20 threaded pattern allowing for direct connection to a camera tripod.

  4. Nice .. but it seems that those long arms in some car mounts always shake during the drive . Did you try it on road ? I think the only solution ( and fit iPhone 6 plus ) is something like the MONTAR car mount .

  5. Hi Terry,

    Nice article. However, I’m having some issues with Arkon. The grip is Good. However, I’m having some durability issues with it. Bought mine few months ago, and unfortunately, it didn’t last long. I’am not sure if its just me but anyways, have you used any other mounts or cradles? I have been eyeing a Car Cradle from Strike Group as well as a mount from proclip. Any thoughts?

    1. I’m using a Strike Alpha Cradle and it works great! I’ve been using this iPhone 6 Car Cradle for couple of months now. Suction cap works really well, and the mount is versatile and quite durable. The best part is that it has a signal boosting capability and a charger that works great if you’re into traveling/driving.. The only downside is the price which is around AU$149.
      But overall, I think it’s worth every penny.

      Here’s the link

  6. Nice find! I’m sure I’ll be ordering one of these off Amazon any day now. My iPhone 6+ is scheduled to ship tomorrow and it needs a good Seat on my dashboard as I’m sure I’ll be using it plenty for navigation. Thanks!

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