Bert Monroy’s 750,000 Layer Photoshop File of Times Square is Done!

Yes, you read that right! My buddy and Photoshop Artist Bert Monroy (I'm in awe of what this guy can do with a blank Photoshop canvas) has completed his latest project. A 750,000 Layer Photoshop File of Times Square in NYC. Bert wanted to recreate a scene in Times Square using hand drawn art and photos that he has taken over the years. I'm also very proud and totally honored to be featured in it :

Check out Bert's new masterpiece here (using Zoomify technology, you can actually zoom in on it!)  Pan around see who you can recognize.

Very cool Bert! You are amazing!

11 Replies to “Bert Monroy’s 750,000 Layer Photoshop File of Times Square is Done!”

  1. Unbelievable what Bert does time and time again. Always impressive. Good to see several Photoshoppers out for the evening. Julieanne Kost and Russell Browen seem to having a good time, as do Scott Kelby and his wife, Kalebra. Many others also.

    1. That should have Russell Brown, not Browen, I fat fingered the keyboard.

      John and Thomas Knoll are hanging out as well.

      How many others can people name?

  2. It’s just amazing on so many levels. The detail is incredible. The reflections, the size!, the time that went into creating it, the material it’s printed on, the people, the stories. Just incredible. How fun that you are in it front and center. : )

  3. Technically I suppose its incredible but the people look horrid, tonally flat and dead, lacking animation, frozen in a synthetic plasticy way.


  4. I have to agree with seoras. Technically, it is very impressive (though I can’t help but ask myself “why?”), but I think the people really weaken the image. The lighting on the faces is far too inconsistent. To my eye, they are most likely cut n’ paste photos that may have had a dash of overpainting applied to them. If I was to hazard a guess, I suspect Bert was nearing a deadline on the image and rushed through the people. Regardless, he’s got a heck of a lot more patience than I would have on a project like that.

    1. Excerpt – “He built the 6.5GB image pixel by pixel, using more than 750,000 Photoshop layers. Monroy spent countless hours creating intensely detailed scenes, the likenesses of his family, friends and many luminaries in the imaging industry, and landmarks in and around Times Square. “

  5. This image must be seen live. It is 25 feet wide making it impossible to see accurately on screen.

    Every person, as everything else in the image, was created entirely from scratch. I never use photos of any kind in my work. Every eyelash is visible. Every reflection in the eyes. Everything created in Photoshop and Illustrator. No photos.

    Inconsistent lighting? Ever see so many differently colored light sources in one place?

    Why did I do this? I always wanted to paint Times Square. Large format printers gave me the ability to get what I wanted. Not to mention powerful machines and software. Times Square is awesome in person. The only way I felt that I could capture this feeling was to make it big. Why? Because I wanted to. It is what I do for myself. For all of you, I have starting shooting hundreds of videos for on how everything was created. This I do in the hopes that you will get creative and do some cool things that I can enjoy seeing!

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