Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.3, Camera RAW 4.3, Photoshop CS3 updates

The Adobe Photoshop engineering team has been quite busy over the past few weeks (months) and has just released a slew of updates:


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.3

This is the update you’ve been waiting for if you are on or going to Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or if you were in the market for one of the hot new DSLR Cameras. Not only do we get improved Leopard compatibility but we also get native camera RAW support for the following cameras:

Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III
Canon PowerShot G9
Nikon D3
Nikon D300 <- OK sign me up!
Olympus E-3
Olympus SP-560 UZ
Panasonic  DMC-L10

Adobe is first to market (again) with support for the RAW format of the Nikon D3 and D300! The applications also now support the sRAW format produced by the Canon 1D Mk III, 1Ds Mk III, and 40D.

Also Adobe has released a Preview of the Lightroom Export SDK (available on This will allow developers to create some really cool workflows. Think direct export to Flickr, Smugmug, FTP Hosts, etc.


Adobe Camera RAW 4.3 and the DNG Converter 4.3

If Lightroom is not your thing, but you are a Photoshop CS3 user then you’ll get the same camera RAW support as Lightroom in these updates.


Adobe Photoshop CS3 10.0.1& Bridge CS3 2.1.1

The most significant fixes in the Photoshop 10.0.1 update include the following:

A crash that could occur when Microsoft Intellipoint software is installed has been fixed.

  • The speed of moving objects contained within multiple layer sets has been improved.
  • The speed of closing large documents has been improved.
  • Converting images to CMYK using certain profiles no longer results in black files.
  • A crash that could occur when saving a 4-bit BMP file with 16 or fewer colors has been fixed.
  • The Save for Web feature now includes an option to “Include XMP” (metadata) in the settings menu within the main Save for Web interface, making the existing capability easier to access.
  • When using Save For Web with “Include XMP” enabled, all XMP data is now included in the optimized file.
  • A problem that could cause the incorrect printer to appear within the print dialog box has been corrected.
  • Images no longer print with odd-sized margins on various Epson printers, or print smaller and off-centered.
  • Printer settings in Windows® are saved with a document while that document is open. If a document has not had Page Setup settings applied to it, the document will get the previous page setup used during the current session of Photoshop.
  • Photoshop now turns off Windows ICM (system color management) when “Photoshop Manages Colors.”
  • Print color matching has been improved.
  • A problem that caused certain laser printers to show distortions when printing to a nonsquare resolution has been fixed.
  • Images saved as DICOM and reopened in Photoshop CS3 are no longer corrupted on PowerPC® based Mac computers.

The Adobe® Bridge CS3 2.1.1 update includes the following fixes and enhancements:

  • A new preference to enable High Quality Preview has been added to Bridge’s Preferences > Advanced panel. When enabled, the preference addresses the problem of a soft or blurry preview appearing in the Preview panel and in Slideshow mode.
  • Data loss that could result from replacing a folder with another folder by the same name has been prevented.
  • Issues that could cause Bridge to crash (for example, when encountering a PDF or AI file) have been corrected.
  • A problem that could cause Bridge to lock up when using arrows to navigate has been fixed.
  • XMP data is now handled correctly when added to CR2 files.
  • A problem that could cause the Loupe tool not to be available after exiting from Slideshow mode has been corrected.
  • Rapid clicks to select multiple files are no longer interpreted as a double-click, so unintended opening of multiple files is now reduced.

All of the updates above are available for download from and should be available through the Adobe Updater.


18 Replies to “Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.3, Camera RAW 4.3, Photoshop CS3 updates”

  1. Has anybody actually tried downloading these updates? They’re nowhere to be found on the adobe site (try clicking until the download starts).

  2. Jane Doe (popular name),
    I’m currently downloading the Camera RAW/DNG converter update and had no problem downloading the other updates last night.

  3. “Photoshop now turns off Windows ICM (system color management) when “Photoshop Manages Colors.””

    What is the rationale behind this ? If it somehow tells the printer driver not to use ICM, that’s great. Is the same feature in Lightroom ? I’m hoping the muddy printing from Lightroom issues that many of us have been experiencing have been fixed.

  4. Many thanks for that, but unfortunately this doesn’t work either. I’ve tried both links, in three different browsers on two different systems, and each time this is what I get:

    “Sorry, this download item could not be found.
    Please visit our download index”

    Maybe Adobe’s denying downloads from outside the US at this time? (I’m currently in Belgium.) I’ve tried the UK and Belgium sites, but it doesn’t work. (The BE site redirects to the UK.)

    I guess I’ll have to be patient. Thanks for your efforts!

  5. Anthony, the rationale is to not have the printer driver trying to manage color if you’re telling Photoshop to manage color. I suspect that this is the way users would want it to be. As far as LR goes, I don’t print from Windows so I can’t offer any first hand experience. Download the update and give it a spin.

  6. Terry – that sounds great. The biggest problem with many printer drivers is figuring out how to do this, so if PS does this automatically, that’s awesome. I’ll try it tonight ..

  7. Jack,
    It’s working fine for me. You might want to go into your System prefs and reset your printing system. Then add your printer back in. Also update to 10.5.1 if you haven’t already.

  8. After installing the updates all programs Photoshop etc. either just quit or as with Photoshop, I get a message about an “unexpected and unrecoverable problem has occured. Photoshop will now exit.” I am running OS 10.4.10. Is this happening to anyone else?

  9. The shutting down problem has been corrected. Amazing, shuttering down and restarting must be like a good night sleep. Things are back to normal. I sure would like to know what ‘unexpected and unrecoverable problems’ are.

  10. After upgrading to LR 1.3 PS 10.0.1 printing from Lighroom gives an awful reddish colourcast. Printing with exactly the same settings from Photoshop gives me a perfect print. I’m on XP SP2.
    What’s wrong here? Anything I missed?

  11. Well it is 12-20-07 and boy was I wrong about things back to normal on 11-23. I have had to restart almost daily. The restarting action worked until 12-13-07. Sense then it has been daily calls to tech support trying to correct the problems of crashing. Has anyone had a similar problem?

  12. I am getting the dreaded “An unexpected and unrecoverable problem has occured. Photoshop will now exit.” error now in Photoshop. I had this before and back then I only managed to get rid of it by reinstalling all of CS3, but it might be a font problem. I was having trouble with all the programs crashing last week (including Illustrator and Bridge) and found advice somewhere on the Adobe web site about crashes being caused by fonts. Taking all the fonts from “/Library/Fonts” and moving them to another location allowed the programs to run again. Then I started moving some fonts back as I needed them to work with various documents. Now Photoshop is crashing, so I suspect that one of the fonts that I have moved back is damaged.

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