Adobe Announces Creative Suite 6 and Creative Cloud

Today Adobe announces Creative Suite 6 and Creative Cloud. Watch the LIVE WEBCAST here TODAY (4/23/2012) at 10AM PT (GMT -7)!

There’s a lot to talk about and I’m sure we’ll spend the next few months here on my blog, on my Adobe Creative Suite Podcast and social media talking about all that’s new. I thought I would kick things off with my Top 6 Favorite Features in InDesign CS6, Illustrator CS6 and of course Photoshop CS6.

Adobe Illustrator CS6 – My Top 6 Favorite Features 

Adobe InDesign CS6 – My Top 6 Favorite Features 

Adobe Photoshop CS6 – My Top 6 Favorite Features (repeat) 

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11 Replies to “Adobe Announces Creative Suite 6 and Creative Cloud”

  1. Terry, I’ve been working with the beta version, and it has both the older Live Trace as well as the new Image Trace features. Will Live Trace be removed from the final, release versin?

  2. Terry,

    The cloud deal (for me I get the $29 per month)? Will I need to purchase full version of PSCS6,indesign,etc, etc plus the $29.00 per month also to use this cloud service???? confused in Kentucky

  3. Trying to figure out which is the best deal. Even at $30/month first year, that’s $360. More than the upgrade of PS, but then you get all the products. Guess it depends if your going to use more than PS. Also can you access on more than 2 computers? Lot’s of questions. Any thoughts out there?

  4. Terry,
    I’m currently running PS CS4 on Mac Snow Leopard. That combination has had issues with printing profiling targets that CS3 didn’t have. I’ve heard Adobe has made some fundamental changes to color management in CS6 (which I’ll be buying as soon as available). Is it going to be easier to print profiling targets under Mac OSX with CS6 than it has been with CS4? If so, as a photographer, that would be my #1 reason to buy.

    Great report.

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