5 Things You May Not Know About InDesign CS5



In this episode I'll show you 5 features that you may not know about InDesign CS5. These are just 5 of the many little productivity features that are under the hood in InDesign CS5 to make life easier for InDesign users each and every time they use the application.


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5 Replies to “5 Things You May Not Know About InDesign CS5”

  1. Create Guides and Preview Mode: I’ve been unaware of both all these years. Thank you!

  2. wow …
    You clearly are one of the best, (no ..the best) teacher(s) of Adobe !

    Please direct me to your book on InDesign. Since I haven’t found it ..I am guessing it is not out there ..can you recommend one … PS i can handle ..just acquired IDCS5 today and need to get up to speed … dang wish you had a book on it


  3. Thank you a lot for these tips, it’s always the little things that guarantee a perfect workflow.

  4. A quick way to switch between ‘Normal’ view and ‘Preview’ when you have the Selection Tool selected is to press the ‘W’ key. Also if you are using the Text tool if you press the Esc key you will switch to the Select tool. Very handy.
    Thanks for your tips Terry.

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