30 Creative Cloud Tutorials in 30 Days



Happy New Year! I made a resolution to try to do even more video content this year and I thought of a way to stick to it. Starting today I’m releasing a new video tutorial each day for the next 30 days. These videos will be probably be shorter than my average videos concentrating on one or two techniques each. They will also cover a range of Creative Cloud applications including the Creative Cloud desktop app and the mobile apps as well. These videos will be delivered exclusively on my YouTube channel with the best of the best also appearing in my app:

So sit back and enjoy video one:

How To Do Masking in Photoshop CC


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  1. Hi Terry! i just happened to stumble across your “How To Do A Complete Portrait Retouch in LR 5” on YT and thought it pretty awesome. I had to find out more about what you know and have shared. This led me to your blog. I’m enjoying reading your posts. I am looking forward to viewing your 30 days of CC tutorials challenge.

  2. Hi Terry! Sorry to use this discussion for a question/advice. I have been a long time Apple Aperture user. One of the reasons is because I love the organizational structure and another is how easy it integrated with all my other Apple devices (i.e. access to pictures within Keynote, streaming pictures to Apple TV). Now that Aperture is no more, and Apple has not really realized any substantial information about their upcoming Photos for Mac OS, I am itching to jump over to Lightroom. However it may be a big job. I was hoping you could tell me how you use Lightroom and then share pictures to your Apple TV, Keynote presentations and the like.
    Would also appreciate any tips you can give on an easy transition.
    Thanks a lot in advance.

      1. Terry,
        Thank you for a quick response. I watched both videos, and liked the idea of publishing as you describe in the Lightroom 3 video, however it still feels very cumbersome. I am bummed that there is no automatic way and as intuitive as it is with Aperture and iPhoto. I might just have to wait a bit longer until Photos comes out for the Mac to make my decision. But Lightroom is becoming much more enticing.

        Thank you for all your help.

        1. Unfortunately Apple controls the way software can or can NOT talk directly to their devices. This is why iPhoto and Aperture always had a direct connection and nothing else did. Perhaps now that Aperture is discontinued Apple will allow 3rd parties to have a more direct tie in.

  3. Hello! I just found your photoshop video for 10 things beginners want to know. It was the most helpful I have seen. I was able to follow along. I would like to know what video do you suggest next. I am a complete beginner.

      1. Hello, thanks for responding! I wanted to clarify. I have seen the video you posted “10 things.” It was amazing. I was wondering what video you suggest next? Thanks!

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