Why You Should Set Photoshop To Open JPEGs in Camera RAW


In this episode of the Adobe Creative Suite Podcast Terry White shows you How and Why you should set Photoshop’s Preference to open JPEGs in Adobe Camera RAW

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  • Very helpful, Terry…thanks.

  • Thanks Terry, I was looking for this.

  • Tom Dobiesz

    Great tutorial We have many old, colored photos that haven’t held up as well as yours have.

    Is your image “flipped”, i.e., logo should be on left breast pocket and buttons on the wrong side?

  • HenryH

    Good stuff. I was pleased to see that I don’t have to set Windows (in my case) to open jpegs in Photoshop to make this work. Usually I just want to use the built-in photo viewer rather than edit the image. If I right-click on the image and tell Windows to open it in Photoshop, it now opens in ACR. Thanks so much for the tip.

  • “…Yes, those are my ears”

    That made me smile, so thanks for that. (I would never have noticed..)

    I was sure when you grabbed the liquify tool you were gonna fix that too.

    What a great tip Terry. I will certainly set that up on my rigs too.

  • Thanks Terry. I will never open another jpeg any other way

  • Gordon MacDonald

    Very useful technique! Thanks a lot, Terry.

    Gordon MacDonald

  • This is so totally awesome..the other day I was sitting swearing just about this, thinking..WHY ain´t this possible…. I think I need to really read up on all you tips and trix..Thanks a mill…