So what’d you get?

OK, so what new gadgets, tech, photography gear, cool stuff did you get this year?

I know I haven’t posted anything in a few days and I do have a couple cool pieces of gear to review, however, I’ve just been spending time with family and friends and resting up. I was getting pretty burned out and once I just stopped doing stuff, I could really feel it. I do feel much more rested now and wil get back in the game soon. Enough about me, let’s hear what you got and what’s exciting in your world? Hit me with some comments below. I feed off your energy and excitment.

  • My cool gadget this Christmas was a Playstation 3. It replaces a DVD player that needs to go into the shop for realignment. I hooked the PS3 up to the big screen TV in the family room and have spent several hours playing Resistance: Fall of Man with my son.

    Nothing says love like shooting bad guys with the kids!

  • Mel

    My cool gadget was a Timex Ironman watch that controls my ipod. It allows me to change songs, raise, lower or pause the music. Get for running or biking. Very Cool.

  • terrywhite

    C.A. Williams
    I LOVE that GAME! I was so addicted to it when I got it. GREAT Game!

  • Marcy

    I received a Garmin 660 gps and I’m loving it. Very cool. I haven’t used it for a long trip but around town it has been flawless. The bluetooth feature is great and I love having access to all the phone numbers with the click of a button. Sweeeeet.

  • Wes

    A dear friend surprised me with a lensbaby 2. Seems like I was the only one around who didn’t have one. Now I am trying to make interesting blurred pictures :>)

  • Price

    My family got the TomTom 920 from my M-I-L..very cool, can’t wait to take it on a real trip! In addition, I did one of those “hint hint” and I got the Sigma 10-20 super wide for my Nikon D40. So this lens, in combination with my Nikkor 18-200 VR, gives me a full frame equivalent range of 15 to 300mm.

    Got my wife the iPod touch and a Klipsch iGroove to play it on. For $150, the iGroove is outstanding and has its own remote control.

  • My cool stuff was a sweet lens, Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 DC HSM! I love it! πŸ˜€ Then I also got half by myself and half from money I’d gotten, a Lowepro MiniTrekker AW II bag to hold all of my gear in in a backpack.

    Now Terry, what’d you get? πŸ˜‰

  • bobhayes

    Canon 85mm 1.2 L. Sweet Baby Jesus, what this lens can do. I won’t be taking this off my body any time soon. Made me fall in love with portraiture again. In love with my camera again.

  • chris stern

    I didn’t get any cool gadgets but I got some money to buy myself a Sigma 105mm Macro Lens for my Nikon D80. It seems like my neice got all the cool gadgets this year including WII and a dog speaker for her MP3 player.

  • Bob DeChiara

    I treated myself to a Manfrotto (190XPROB) tripod & ballhead for my NikonD80. Now it time to save for a kickbutt piece of glass!

  • Lynn Grillo

    Got a Wii. Totally amazed by it, too.

  • Rod S

    Nikon D40 and a Garmin 350 GPS.
    I love,love,love my camera. Best christmas in a loooong time

  • Rod S

    Oh forgot about the kids. They both got ipod touch.

  • Jesse Peckham

    I was given a Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L. My first “L” lens!

  • Chris L

    Got a Garmin nuvi 650 from my folks. Very, very cool little gadget. I haven’t had a chance to really play with it yet, but I can tell already it’s gonna be great this summer. They also got my wife a bread machine, which she was strangely excited about. The in-laws provided us with some new movies on DVD.

    Oh, I bought myself a present for my birthday (which is the day after Christmas) with my bonus money from work. I got a nice Sony home theater in-a-box surround sound system. Lots of fun when watching any movie that has explosions. πŸ˜€

  • Rope

    A Touch (very cool for the train into / back from work) and Adobe Lightroom (okay I bought that one for myself). The kids got a Wii – now I love that in a big way!

    But the best – I got… no, sorry, my son got a remote control car. Very powerful, very very fast. Scares the dog half to death!! Fantastic!!

  • Peter

    Got a slingbox. I have always know of it and its function but I have to say it is definitely one of those “How did I get along before without this” type of product. I wasn’t even that excited when I first got it but once I hooked it up…. WOW! Quality is very good (don’t expect hi-def but standard quality is still pretty good esp for online). I love the fact that I can control my DVR (not Tivo but I could if I still had one) and watch my recorded shows. Only negative thing is that you are changing the channel on your slingbox then you are also changing the channel at home… can be trouble if someone is home and watching the slingbox controlled TV/DVR. At around $100 and no service fee I have to say it was my favorite gift this year. Really good gift for a busy person who travels a lot but also like to watch TV (or catch up on their favorite TV shows).


  • Danielle

    I picked up an Olympus Stylus 790SW (shock proof and water proof) with gift cards that were given to me. I can’t wait to try it out in the pool!!!! I also got a kitchen gadget, a Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand mixer and a Kitchen Aid Ice Cream maker. So now everyone expects lots of homemade cookies and ice cream!! These aren’t gadget related by photoshop related, I got Scott Kelby’s 7 Point system for CS3 book and the new Katrin Eismann and Sean Duggan’s Creative Digital Darkroom book!!!! I have some reading ahead of me!!!

  • Leo

    I got the Wacom Special Edition 6×11, Canon 15mm Fisheye f2.8 (I’ve used it already at a wedding. Got kinda carried away with it. Awesome.), 7pt system book and my first Mac (a MacBook maxed out). No one bought tech stuff for me so I treated myself with some Christmas gifts. πŸ˜‰

  • Bob

    Part of Xmas was my Navigon 2000 bought on Black Friday at Staples. It was an impulse buy but when I got it home I found your review which validated (and informed) my purchase and made me a confirmed reader.
    Big Christmas came from my loving wife, an 18-200 Nikkor DX VR etc for my D50. It has come off once for my 50mm f1.8 for some indoor shots but otherwise it has been a constant companion. Thanks for the great blog, you have a new fan. I have learned a lot already just reading and following links.

  • Mary

    I got the Nikkor 70-200/f2.8 VR lens for my D80. I love it. It’s tack sharp and an awesome lens. I’ve been able to take some outstanding pictures with it so far. A wonderful and completely unexpected gift.

    Wishing Terry and everyone a blessed New Year.

  • Terry I bought myself a new Canon 85mm 1.8 Lens and Love it.
    My wife wrapped me one present and in big bold letters wrote…..
    This is the best present your ever going to get! Wow that had me thinking.
    Christmas morning she handed me the gift and I opened it up….what, a nice new Detroit Pistons Warm up. Gee it was nice but come on not the best present I’ve ever got.
    She said look in the pockets……I found a ticket for 4 VIP tickets to a Pistons game.
    On the floor…..under the basket……second row……VIP dinner before the game and access to the players lounge at halftime. Being a life long Pistons fan, and watching games from TV and the uppper deck over the years I think she just might have gotten me that best present ever.


  • Nina Cleven

    I finally joined the ipod generation and got an ipod nano. Love the fact that I can now take the music I want to listen to with me. Love it!

  • Mike Mc

    I got a Canon XH-A1 HD video camera and Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium, my first real video camera. I have been watching tutorials online nonstop since Christmas.

  • Super Mario World for my Wii. I haven’t stopped playing since I got it. I should do some work one of these days!

  • terrywhite

    I’ve been treating myself all year to some great gear, so I don’t make a big fuss during the holidays. However, I did score a Gitzo Traveler Tripod and a New Kirk BH-3 lightweight ballhead to go with it. I’m really looking forward to taking it for a spin on my trip to San Fran for Macworld. I also got a great Nikon Polarizer filter and a Nikon 1.4 Teleconverter lens. My digital photography wishes came true πŸ™‚

    Happy New Year all! Sounds like you guys got some really great toys.