Photoshop World ’08 – East – Wrap up!

photo by R.C. Concepcion


I had a blast at this year’s Photoshop World in Orlando! Being a Trekkie and having a Star Trek based theme was also a bonus. I wanted to take a moment here and THANK all the attendees that took time to come up to me and tell me that they appreciated the work that I was doing. I couldn’t believe how many readers of this very blog were at the show. It was great to hear all the feedback.


If you missed the show you’ll definitely want to check out my Creative Suite Podcast today for the special Photoshop World Keynote Episode. For those of you who were at the keynote, you’ll note that I had to leave out the funny spoof videos as they will be shown again at the Vegas show in the fall and I didn’t want to spoil the surprises. However, you will see Adobe’s SVP Johnny L. and Lightroom Product Manager Tom Hogarty show off the latest and greatest Adobe technologies including some sneak peeks at CS4 technologies.


Also whether you were at the show or not, you’ll want to check out the Photoshop World Blog which has several highlights and photos from the event. There are only two shows that I actually "enjoy" working/attending and those shows are Photoshop World and Macworld Expo. So I hope to see you in September at Photoshop World in Las Vegas. As you would expect, I bought some photography gear at the show and I’ll be reviewing it in the coming days. So stay tuned.

  • Bill Pompilii

    Hey Terry,

    I caught your InDesign Beyond The Basics class at the show and it was a good one. I didn’t get a chance to thank you at the show so I’ll do it here. THANKS! This tech blog is a daily stop for me and I never miss an episode of the Creative Suite podcast. Keep up the great work.


  • Rafal

    It was great meeting you Terry at PW2008, as I mentioned to you you have a great blog and hope to see you in Toronto soon. Now that I see you had a great response at PW2008 you may be under pressure to keep up the blog more frequently as more readers tune in.

    What did you guys do after wrap up? Do you stay in touch with fellow instructors on daily basis? Who is(are) your favourite instructor(s)?

  • terrywhite

    Thanks Bill!

  • terrywhite

    Thanks! I do sometimes struggle with the “should I post something more often here?” question, but I don’t want to post blog entries just for the sake of posting blog entries. I also don’t want this to turn into a blog that just references other blogs and news sites. So I try to post only when I have something new/cool to share. Unfortunately I don’t have something new/cool to share every day.

    I didn’t get to the wrap up session as I had a flight to catch. They did show a wrap up video from what I heard and it went over well. I do keep in touch with the instructors. My favs are Scott Kelby, Ben Wilmore, Burt Monroy, Deke McClellan, Joe McNally, Moose Peterson, and Jim Divatele. I’m sure I would have many more favs if I could have enough time in the day to get to their sessions.

    Take care!

  • Rafal

    Thanks for a reply Terry, it makes sense now of your blog perspective, keep up the great work. I also forgot to mention my firsts on this trip and I was amazed: Photoshop World, Florida, Disney, and of course I purchased my first iPhone. This trip has given me alot of smiles. Timeshare presentation at the marriott hotel was a waste of time but has some good points.