Why I Carry 3 Portable Hard Drives When I Travel


People are always asking me about backup strategies and while I usually discuss my home/studio backups I rarely discuss my “on the road” backups. My MacBook Pro has a 768GB SSD internal drive. While SSDs tend to be more reliable than old school rotating platters, I’m still as paranoid as I’ve always been. I don’t back it up any less than I did before SSD. I’ve had two major data scares while traveling on business. The 1st was on a trip to Toronto several years ago to do a seminar. I was the main/only presenter and I had an audience of about 400 people. My presentation was going to start at 10AM and I was in the hotel connected to the event hall. I woke up that morning and did some work on my laptop before heading over to the hall. I closed my laptop and headed over giving myself just enough time to get there and plug in to the projector. I got there, plugged in and opened my laptop to a “blue screen”. I immediately thought “oh my God, if this thing doesn’t come up I’m screwed!” Although I had my files and fonts on a drive at the time and I could have used a colleague’s computer it would have taken no less than 30 minutes to get everything loaded and setup. It could have easily taken an hour or more if they didn’t have the right applications loaded. Luckily everything came back after a forced reboot. But what if it hadn’t?

Hard Drive #1: A Bootable Clone Backup


A USB 3 and Firewire 800 Portable External Drive

After my experience above in Toronto I realized that simply having a backup of the data was not good enough. I need to be able to be up and running in 5 minutes or less in the event of a total drive failure. From that day forward I started carrying an external portable hard drive that was an exact clone of my internal drive. I update this clone before heading out on each trip. I use SuperDuper!, which is a fantastic utility to clone your drive from one to another. In the case of a blue screen or total drive failure I could plug in the clone backup drive and reboot directly from that drive. Since it’s a recent clone it would have all of my applications and demo/data files. Continue Reading »

Adobe MAX Speaker Challenge Sweepstakes


Everyone likes a good challenge, right? Here’s your chance to help me beat one of my colleagues AND win a free pass to Adobe MAX and VIP seating to our MAX Bash!

We’re kicking off our Adobe MAX Speaker Challenge on Twitter, and we’re giving you the opportunity to win a full conference pass to Adobe MAX and VIP seating to our MAX Bash.

You want in? Here’s the scoop! At Adobe MAX this year, if you could only choose one of these two sessions to attend, which would it be: my session, Creating an Engaging Web Design with Adobe Muse or Kevin Hoyt’s session, Animating the Web with HTML?

To cast your vote, head to Twitter and let us know using either #TerryandMuse (to vote for my session) or #KevinandWeb (to vote for Kevin Hoyt’s session). Everyone that takes part in the voting will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a full conference pass to Adobe MAX 2013 (which includes a complimentary annual subscription of Adobe Creative Cloud), and VIP seating at our MAX Bash. See our full MAX Speaker Challenge Sweepstakes official rules.

For more information on our Adobe MAX conference and to register today, visit MAX.Adobe.com. Be sure to use promo code MXSM13 to get a $300 discount.

Please help me win! I’m counting on you! Remember to use the hashtag #TerryandMuse. Thanks!


Adobe Creative Cloud for Photographers: How To Publish Web Galleries from Lightroom to Creative Cloud


In this episode of the Adobe Creative Suite Podcast, Terry White shows photographers how they can take advantage of their Adobe Creative Cloud Memberships and the hosting included to publish Web Galleries directly from Lightroom 4.

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Learn Adobe Creative Suite with Terry White - Wizzard Media

My Travel Portrait Lighting Setup – Updated


I usually do most of my photography work in my studio where I have access to great studio lighting by Elinchrom and Westcott. When I go on location locally I tend to use my Elinchrom Quadra Kit. However, when I go on the road traveling by air I usually travel with a speedlight or two and portable modifiers. My new modifier of choice is the New Rapid Box 26″ Octa. I’m a fan of octa shaped modifiers and having a truly portable one is going to be great. I got the chance to try it out this past weekend during my session at the Day of Photography conference and I loved it.

Here’s my setup


Rapid Box – 26″ Octa

Nikon SB 910 speedlight – any speedlight will work.

2 PocketWizard PlusX Transceivers. While the light is mounted outside the box and therefore can be triggered using the Nikon Commander system built-in to most of their midrange and pro DSLRs, the Nikon system requires line of sight. Therefore, I use the NEW PocketWizard Plus X to give me greater range and positioning.

Lowel Uni-To Light stand 8′ (folds down to 21.5″)

Westcott X-Drop “Slate” Background Kit

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A Fantastic Week on the Adobe Create Now World Tour

Photo by Kevin Stohlmeyer

Photo by Kevin Stohlmeyer


Once again I wanted to pause for a few moments and thank all of you who came out for the Adobe Create Now World Tour! I enjoyed seeing you all in New Jersey, Baltimore, Milwaukee and Chicago. The venues were packed to capacity with almost every seat taken in every city. The reception was overwhelming. Here are a few quick captures from this week on the road…


Photo by Kevin Stohlmeyer

Even after adding more capacity twice, Milwaukee still sold out faster than any other city!

Here’s a 49 second look at the Milwaukee event

Baltimore Crowd
Baltimore Crowd

Great turnout and great venue in Baltimore. Some decided to make the trip to see me a second time after seeing me in DC. Thanks!

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How To Use Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPhone and Android


In this episode of the Adobe Creative Suite Podcast, Terry White shows how to use the New Adobe Photoshop Touch for phones to composite images, remove a background and add a logo before sending it to the desktop version of Photoshop layers and all.

You can get Photoshop Touch for iPhone here

You can get Photoshop Touch for iPad here

Yes you can also get it for Android here.


Are you missing out on my Bonus Content?

See more of my Adobe Creative Suite Videos on my Adobe Creative Suite Podcast and get the App below. It features EXCLUSIVE CONTENT that no one else gets to see. This episode has a BONUS CLIP that is available only in the App! My iOS App is a Universal App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. I also have an Android version on the Amazon App Store:

Learn Adobe Creative Suite with Terry White - Wizzard Media


To make it even better, get one of these

Brushing with your finger is ok, but if you want more precision I highly recommend getting one of these Wacom Bamboo Styluses for touch screens.

You can get one here.

Traveling with an Apple TV


Im quite fond of the Apple TV for streaming content, watching movies and displaying my photos throughout my studio. This little box does a lot and with each software update Apple adds more capabilities to it. Recently I saw a deal on a refurbished one and I decided to snag it and use it as my “on the road” Apple TV. The idea is that since I travel so much and it seems that most hotels now have flat screen HDTVs in their rooms that I could potentially use an Apple TV to stream my own content during down time. However, the thing you have to keep in mind is that the Apple TV was never really designed to be taken on the road.


It needs a network connection


Unlike the 1st generation Apple TV, the newer models don’t have hard drives in them. So there really is no effective way to load it up with content before heading out. You have to either stream to it from a computer/iOS Device or you have to stream to it from the internet. The Apple TV has both WiFi and an Ethernet port. That helps a lot! Although it has WiFi it was not really designed to connect to random hotspots. There’s no web browser and therefore no way to really accept the terms and conditions even if the WiFi is free. I have been traveling with an AirPort Express Base Station for years. If my hotel room has an ethernet port I can just plug the AirPort in and provide WiFi to all my devices, including an Apple TV. Also the newer AirPort Express Base Station has an additional Ethernet jack so that you can even plug in a wired device to share the connection, such as an Apple TV. However, if there is no Ethernet port in the room and the WiFi network isn’t wide open you would be pretty much out of luck. You could use a MiFi or tethering to a smartphone/iOS device. You could also share the hotel WiFi connection from your laptop using Internet Sharing to the Ethernet port on your Apple TV. Before I’d do the latter I’d have to really really want to use my Apple TV. Otherwise I could just plug the computer into the TV and bypass the Apple TV altogether.

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My Websites are Responsive and More Mobile Friendly


In case you haven’t noticed this site was updated with a “responsive” design a couple of weeks ago by the very talented web designer Erik Bernskiold. With the use of custom CSS he has made it so that the same site/content is displayed nicely no matter what screen you’re viewing it on. If you’re looking at this post on your computer go ahead and give it a try by simply resizing the window to be more narrow from the right. The page will respond and the content will scale or readjust as needed all the way down to a smartphone size. The same goes for my BestAppSite.com While I have the good fortune of Erik working on my terrywhite.com and bestappsite.com sites, I have other sites that I maintain myself. My Terry White Photography.com site is also now responsive thanks to an update to the The Turning Gate Lightroom Plug-ins that I use to generate my photography site. At last my photography site also looks even better on desktops, tablets and smartphones. The fun doesn’t stop there. I use Adobe Muse to author my MacGroup.org site and using Adobe Muse I was able to add both Tablet and Smartphone layouts to that site. Adobe Muse doesn’t currently offer responsive design, but it does offer the ability to create tablet and smartphone friendly layouts. There are pros and cons to both and here’s a great article that weighs in on the Responsive vs. Mobile Layout Debate. With that said, the MacNews blog (blog for MacGroup-Detroit) is now Responsive thanks to a template update by Page Lines.


Like I said, I have Erik to work on my major sites that don’t require as much day to day design updating as my other sites and thanks to Adobe Muse, 3rd party WordPress plug-ins and The Turning Gate I can have a good mobile experience on all my other sites. I’m in no way a “professional” web designer/developer, but I do have websites to maintain. If you’re wanting to make your site Responsive and you don’t have an “Erik” you should check out the new Adobe Edge Reflow tool. If you want to build your own sites with mobile layouts, check out Adobe Muse.

New Lower Cost PocketWizard


PocketWizard Plus X features:

• Auto-Sensing Transceiver: Easy to use. No settings to make.

• 10 Channels: 1-4 Classic plus 5-10 low-traffic channels

• Backlit Channel Dial: Easy to set channels in the dark

• Internal Antenna: Compact, more rugged design

• Auto-Relay Mode: Trigger remote camera & flashes simultaneously

• Transmit Only Mode: Positive operation in large groups

• Side View Design : Better subject view on camera

• PocketWizard reliability: PocketWizard compatibility

They are now in stock here

The Big Apple Showing Me Some Love on the Adobe Create Now Tour


Always great to be greeted with a line of fans waiting to see me!

I just wanted to give a quick shout out to all who attended my Adobe Create Now World Tour event in NYC last night at the NY InDesign Users Group Meeting. Thank you for attending the event and making me feel welcomed!


A packed house, great crowd and great facility!


Photo by Sandee Cohen

Thanks Sandee Cohen for taking this shot and tweeting it.



If you live in the NYC area and you’re into InDesign I can’t think of a better group of people that you should get to know and get involved with. Join your local InDesign Users Group here.

I look forward to seeing you tonight in New Jersey or on one of my upcoming Create Now Tour stops.

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