Lightroom 5 – A 1st Look and My Top 5 Favorite Features


Lightroom 5 is here! Well at least in Public Beta form and I’m here to give you your 1st look. I’ll take you through my Top 5 favorite features of Lightroom 5. Lightroom 5 has some great new features and several minor enhancements. So by no means is this 1st look all there is to this new version, but these are the 5 features that got me the most excited.


Learn more about the new features of Lightroom 5 in this blog post from the Lightroom team. Grab the Lightroom 5 Public Beta here from Adobe Labs.

P.S. Yes David, this version has tethering support for the Nikon D600! 😉

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  • frankwick

    Great job on the demo. I just switched back to Windows. Will the Windows 8 version of Lightroom 5 have feature parity with the OSX version?

    • terryleewhite

      The Windows and Mac versions have feature parity.

  • Thanks for the review. Well done!
    I agree your 5th favorite is a game changer.

  • As much as I hate beta software I will be installing this just because you mentioned me at the end

  • steen aage nielsen

    How about the speed. Will Adobe do something about that

  • crisdarocha

    Terry, the features are really impressive, specially the healing brush, that will reduce my trips to photoshop and the smart previews!!

    Any idea when will this ship?? Couple of months? An year??

    • terryleewhite

      The team is in bug fix mode. Historically that takes a couple of months after a public beta is released.

      • crisdarocha

        Thanks Terry! Some features are like the coke bottle of The Gods Must Be Crazy. You never had them and then you can’t live without them 🙂

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  • Is there any reason why we haven’t seen facial recognition in Lightroom yet?

  • Vagn-Ebbe Kier

    LR5 are exellent.
    In LR5 in Curves End points are locked.
    Still no improvement for careful correcting large highlight/hotsspots in portraits. (To large for clone) like in PS where you select nearby skin tone, use Brush – Darken 10%.
    In LR you get akward discoloring.

  • Marie Glynn

    Thank you Terry! Excellent preview.

  • Vagn-Ebbe Kier

    Thanks for your, as usual fine presentation of LR5.
    Please try to repair or dampen the highlight in the face of the dark haired girl in your presentation.
    ACE in PS + LR

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  • Thanks, Terry. Lightroom 5 looks great. And, as usual, you convey the info so understandably.