iPhone early adopters get your $100 credit FAST

Today Apple released the details on getting your $100 Apple Store Credit if you bought AND activated an iPhone before August 22nd. I have to admit that I was expecting Apple to make it harder than this. I was expecting to download a PDF, fill it out, mail it in and wait 4-8 weeks for a snail mail certificate. Apple could teach the world how to do rebates! Go to the link above on your computer and you basically enter your iPhone phone number and serial number. You then get a SMS text message on your iPhone with your code. You input your code on the same page you were on above and a couple seconds later your rebate certificate is there in your browser (on your computer) for you to print!

Kudos Apple, the whole process took about 15 seconds and now I have two $100 store credits (for our two iPhones) in my hands!

  • Danielle

    Sweet! That was so fast!! Kudos to Apple!!

  • sb.net

    Does this mean if I bought an iPhone and didn’t sign up for AT&T I can’t get the $100?

  • terrywhite

    That’s exactly what it means.

  • sb.net

    That’s such a ripoff..

  • I see this as a discrimination !!!


    Once again, apple let us down in less than month. !!!!! Im a senior graphic designer/photgrapher down here in Mexico, and Ive been a loyal AppleFan/Consumer since my first click, back in 1990, ” I dont even know how to turn on a windows pc”.

    During all this years, Ive been promoting and contributing to apple´s fight, making many people ( friends, co-workers, family etc. ) switch from windows pc to a more fun and easy world with apple computers just for love. ( free )

    Every time I travel to the US I just have 2 things for sure: pass through all the painful US migrations and customs tramits, and spend hours in an Apple store, and yes, I am one of the millions of people that makes Steve Jobs proud during his keynote address every year when he mention the number of visitants to the Apple store.

    All of that for a kick in the………

    I am one of the early buyers of the iPhone, and I am one of the first people in Mexico to have one in my hands, “even if the handset does not work in my region” and I felt very upset with the drop price issue, but I can live with that, its technology, and it happen very frequently.

    When I knew about the open letter of Steve Jobs last week, I felt a very little relief but what makes me very angry was the:
    Terms and Conditions for the $100 store credit for Early iPhone owners program posted today.

    (7) “iPhones registered to customers whose addresses are outside the United States, are not elegible” What ???

    We payed the same price $ 599.00 USD for the 8MG iPhone and that is “descrimination”

    is my iPhone not good enough for a credit refound ? just because I live outside US. is not an Apple branded product ?
    What is the diference betwen those “iphones” who lives in the US an the ones that are not ?

    And the other thing “ You must activate your iPhone with AT&T prior to submitting your claim “ are you kidding me ?

    so why is Apple selling unactivated iPhones ? do they care about all the outside US buyers ? No, They just care about selling products and for the first time they forgot us, all the people who buy a product just for the loyalty to the brand.

    I have to say, that this not about the money, its about how Apple make us feel, and I am pretty sure that I am not the only one around the world that feels unhappy about this issue.

    Next week I am going to be in Chicago and I was planning to visit the north Michigan Apple store like always do to buy some new stuff, right now I am considering just make some windows shopping.

    Ben Olivares
    graphic designer / photgrapher

    letter posted in my blog



    I just braeak down the code, and now I am using my iPhone with Mexico´s number 1 carrier, Telcel.

  • Ivan Marshall

    Well Terry, I wish my experience was as good as yours! I bought my iphone on July 14, 2007. I activated it, had charging problems with it, and eventually had to send it in for service. I was sent another unit with a different serial no. I re-activated it, and I explained this to Apple,but have neen turned down for the store credit five times;no matter how many times I explain it! I guess ok have to call them, cause email ain’t working! THis is not my FAULT!