My New iPhone Book 5th Edition is Now Shipping

I’m pleased to say that my iPhone Book 5th Edition (co-authored with my good friend Scott Kelby) is now available not only in print but also the Kindle version. There are tons of tips and tricks as well as how-to’s for users of all levels. See what else you can do with Siri. If you’re an experienced user you can definitely skip chapter one 🙂 If you’re a new iOS user then this is definitely your book.

You can get The iPhone Book 5th Edition here for almost half off!


  • John Morgan

    I’m curious how you wouldn’t have the bonus video mentioned at the front of the book up and running with th release of the book. Oversight? Snafu? It seems so “un-Kelby-like.”

    • John, it’s been an unfortunate issue of “time” meaning both of us not being in the same place at the same time to record it. We hope to get it done very soon. Sorry for the delay.