I found it!

I can’t believe it! I actually found it. At long last, it really does exist. I recently traveled to Dallas and of course went through the Dallas-Fort Worth airport. I have dubbed DFW as the worst airport I’ve seen for tech travelers. Don’t get me wrong, the place has T-Mobile Wi-Fi throughout. However, I challenge you to find a freakin’ AC outlet!

That’s right, they are practically non-existent! You arrive at your gate a little early figuring you can get some work done. You whip out your laptop and realize that you need to plug-in. You sit there scanning the area figuring they have to vacuum the place sometime right? Well they must have the longest extension cords on the planet. I have gone from gate to gate looking for outlets. However, this trip was different. Coming in I saw a huddle of people sitting on a bench with cords everywhere. Sure enough they had discovered the only outlet known to man in the entire airport. One person sat as lookout for the others to make sure that their position would not be overrun by hoards of travelers. I marked this spot on my map and dipped my Indiana Jones hat. I would have to see if this plug really existed and possibly use it before the flight out. It’s true. It was really there when I returned.

So if you ever have the misfortune of traveling through this technology waste land, head over to gate E6. Casually move over to the bench next to the USA Today vending machine. Make sure no one is watching and plug-in. There’s not one, but two outlets there. Be careful, I saw one of the incoming flights dip down a bit when I plugged in. Luckily the pilot recovered.

  • Now that’s funny! And thanks for the tip!

  • LMAO !!

    Yes, I have been in this airport wondering the same thing. After I ended my search for an outlet (with no results) I went into a nice little restaurant…. and our waiter let me use the one behind the bar !!!! Ugh… I’m glad to know you made it through okay : )

  • Amazing but not totally surprising. I have noticed that if you go to Starbucks in Barnes and Noble they are often a plug free zone. I can’t believe that building codes allow so few outlets. This should be a wake up call for DFW…

  • Darren

    I was recently at the Reno airport (which I hardly ever fly through) and noticed that some genius in their Facilities department thought it would be a good idea to add some plugs for the customers.

    They have installed those 4 foot long plug strips mounted on the wall above the backrest of multiple rows of seats.

    Hats off to the Reno airport for taking care of their customers.

  • Craig

    If you want a tech friendly airport fly in to Portland, Oregon. Free wireless and comfortable seating areas with a plugin for each seat!