How To Use Photoshop Files in Your Adobe Muse Website

In this episode of the Adobe Creative Suite Podcast Terry White shows how to incorporate Adobe Photoshop (.PSD) files in your Muse Website and how to create buttons with hyperlinks.

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  • Ah, but I can’t do this because I can’t afford the hefty monthly ‘rent’ Adobe charges for Muse, roughly six times what my ISP charges for hosting my website.

    Adobe needs to sell muse like it does its other products. Make renting just one option.

  • Ruta Wagner

    I don’t own an Android or an iPad or an iPhone but I did come by to read your article. I think you should stop producing tips and tricks exclusive to some platforms and not others. Now you have two comments to this effect, Terry.

    Think about it.


    • I thought about it and I don’t agree. I make content for the things that I use and the users of those things. If you’re not one of them I’m sure that the internet is full of content for the things you DO use. Sorry that my FREE content is not useful to you.

  • Chet Briskley

    Great tutorial very helpful for adjusting to the psd and Muse synergy, keep up the good work Terry!