Deep Discounts on Lexar 1000x CF Cards

When I was on my Nikon African Safari in Sabi Sabi South Africa, not only did Nikon loan me some nice long glass, but they also supplied me with some Lexar 1000x CF cards for my Nikon D4. To say that these cards performed well is an understatement. When I got home I checked the price of the cards and of course I had slight sticker shock. However, these cards are now on sale with some deep discounts here.

  • Brad

    Thanks for posting this Terry. I just picked up a shiny 2 pack of 32GB cards for about what Amazon is charging for a single card. Woot!

  • Patricia L Walker

    What a fabulous experience that must have been, once in a lifetime for many. Great photos, as always, here to give us a sneak peek of your adventure. And thanks for the info on the Lexar CF and the link. Always good to know about such finds.

  • charles denis

    thanks for the tips for B&H and cards, nice to share this info.
    Always a great pleasure to see your pictures.

  • Where to buy the cards?

    • Click the “here” link in “deep discounts here.” at the end of the post above.

  • Got it. Thank you.

    Since you used LightRoom can you tell me where is a good place to learn LR? I need to be better organized. I was hoping LR would help.

  • Stan Burman

    Thanks, Terry. Just ordered two 32 GB cards.

  • MisterB

    Thanks Terry!