How To Create Scrolling Slideshows For Your Digital Tablet Publication with InDesign CS 5.5



In this episode of the Adobe Creative Suite Podcast I'll show you how to use the recently updated Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) tools to create scrolling slideshows that can contain pictures, captions and even movies. 

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  • Jeff

    Terry, sorry to post this here, but had no other link to reach you. I have a question regarding inDesign’s snap to feature. I work at a daily newspaper and use indesign to paginate. I use the snap to guides but they seem a tad soft. In Quark, they boxes, photo or text, snap to the guides very crisp and precise. Indesigns do to an extent, but move very easily and are not as precise. Is there a tolerance that can be set anywhere in the software to increase the magnetic pull, per se, of the snap, so they will stick to where I put them? Thanks. Jeff