Adobe TV 2.0 is here!

With all the buzz around Adobe Creative Suite 4, you may have missed the roll out of Adobe TV 2.0. Adobe TV is a FREE resource that features all kinds of content from experts all over the globe. When Adobe announced CS4, over 10 hours of tutorial and demo content also went online via Adobe TV. For example, here’s a CS4 Design Premium overview:


Some of the highlights of the new user interface include:

  • Improved site load time
  • Improved site navigation (deep linking to any page via the address bar, all pages can be bookmarked, browser behavior such as back and forward buttons functional, ability to sort clips alphabetically)
  • “Products” menu on homepage enables users to to navigate to content based on which product/suite they’re interested in
  • Users can filter videos based on product, version, skill level, and topic. When you click to a Channel or Product from the homepage, you will see a pick-list on the right of the UI where these selections can be made
  • Closed captioning (not yet available on all videos)
  • Ability to download associated tutorial assets (when available)
  • TRT of clips appear in thumbnails – a widely requested feature from users that have a limited amount of time available and want to find content that they can watch in that time period
  • Ability to present content up to 880 pixels wide at native size – makes presentation of tutorial content much higher in quality

You can can check out Adobe TV here. Adobe also launched French and German versions.

You can also catch the CS4 Launch Event if you missed the web cast, now on Adobe TV:

You can also catch Adobe TV (and a ton of other cool content) via the FREE Adobe Media Player.

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